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RP in Lapland, Sweden

Deep Sabbath

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Two years ago (New Year Eve 2005/2006) RP was invited to a hotel i Lapland, Sweden: Hotell Borgafjäll.

I'm from that area myself. This was the same year when LZ got the Polar Price so the local newspapers blew up this little visit to ridicolus dimensions...showed some specatacular pictures of RP skiing etc. This is one of the articles (in swedish):


Anyhow, as always on New Years Eve there was a local band preforming at the hotel; Riff Raff Ruff, and RP asked if he could join them for a coulpe of songs!!!

What wo you think the answer was?? But no LZ songs, though. But this band is a really good cover band!

There's even a small video on this on Youtube, seach for "Robert Plant & riff raff ruff".

Me? No, I missed the whole thing myself, was not there that weekend :angry:

Keep blaming myself for that even today....

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Thank you for the link!

I read about it back then, but I have never seen any picture. Well, I guess the visit of a Golden God can be responsible for some fuss.....especially when Santa Claus is taking his nap after all his hard work on Christmas time.... :P

Sorry, no offense intened, just a silly joke. ;)

Thanks again for the link!

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