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The Alyona Yarushina Thread

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Alyona is a musician/vocalist/composer/arranger from Moscow. She also sings with a Led Zeppelin tribute band - Plumbum Dreamz (also called Plumbum Dreams). I'm not sure which is the correct one. And a Beatles tribute band (Back From The USSR). Loads of great stuff from both on You Tube.  Alyona has just started recording for her first album. Her You Tube channel is her solo work. Alyona has phenomenal vocal power and voice control, and sings Zeppelin like no one else I've heard, even Ann Wilson, who I'm a huge fan of. Check out Alyona's channel, and a few videos below. Recent vocal covers of I Can't Quit You and Stairway on her channel as well. Its a gold mine 😲 

This is Alyona's fave Zeppelin tune, she uploaded this to You Tube yesterday to start things off.





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