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Stairway To Heaven Tattoo (HELP)


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To make this quick I'll cut out the complete story behind this (unless anyone would like to know) but I'm looking to get a full sleeve custom tattoo in reference to this song. Short story, it's the first ever song I learnt on guitar in week 1, requested by my father and I'd never heard the song before.

I'm probably going to have the guitar music on a stave in a wrapped  style all the way up my arm as the main focus but I don't want it to look too bare so I'm looking for ideas to implement as background images such as a songbird in a tree, etc.... I just don't know the history of the song well enough to come up with enough ideas to fill out my whole arm.

I don't really want the lyrics because it's a bit of a cliche track and it will leave some mystery about the tattoo. Also the tattoo will be black with shading, unless convinced otherwise.

Please share additional ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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2 minutes ago, jsj said:

You're going to get your whole arm tattooed with a reference to a song that you don't know well enough to come up with your own ideas for? 

It's the starting point of my entire musical background. I'm 100% happy with the plan, I just need some assistance.

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