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L.A. Forum 77-6-22 Source mystery - Help!

Michael Fry

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Here's a mystery that I hope someone can unravel.

L.A. Forum 22nd June 1977 - an amazing show, I'm sure you'd agree, but unfortunately the worst sounding of all the Forum recordings from '77.

Now I've always considered Scorpio's Second Night At The Forum release as the best sounding and I still do. However, when EV released Thirty Years Gone (which was far more overloaded and hissy) they managed to obtain a source for the first 3 mins of No Quarter that was better than any other source from any other version of this show.

Does anyone have any info on where it came from and whether there is any more of it? It seems to be a whole new source and to have the entire show in this quality would completely transform our appreciation of this show.

Anyone have any words of wisdom on this?

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Many thanks for your help. I have the 4 source folder from Zoso.me but there is nothing more in Weedwacker's set from the higher quality source I mentioned above.

I think what's really strange is just how short the source is (3 mins) which makes me wonder why EV didn't use more of it and why Scorpio didn't use any of it. 

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