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  1. According to the original taper, the batteries ran out.
  2. Dub Taylor's mono recording (source 1) was only used for Live at Blueberry Hill. Although the recording contains the acoustic tracks, a stereo recording different than the one used for Rubber Dubber (source 3) was used for the acoustic tracks on Three Days After. I assume Ken and Dub's tape wasn't used due to the third source being in stereo and Dub's tape being in mono. The acoustic tracks weren't available from Dub's recording until the Neutral Zone boot was released in 1989. I assume the reel to reel was a one off done by whoever the YouTube uploader got it from, likely a digital transfer dubbed to reel (possibly Cobra Standard boot, since the source 3 cuts are patched with source 1).
  3. Referring to Strider's post of a fake TMOQ Blueberry Hill reel to reel.
  4. That is the third source for Blueberry Hill, which is not the source released on TMOQ Blueberry Hill. The third source was used for the acoustic bonus tracks on Three Days After. The tape sources that exist of the TMOQ source (such as the one used for the Neutral Zone boot) are in the same order as the vinyl and have the same edits.
  5. It is a different recording. It does not have the beginning of Immigrant Song. The second source taper, like the first, pauses the recorder between songs.
  6. I believe that is the second audience source for this date. Not an exclusive, but it's never been torrented to my knowledge, although it has circulated for years. In terms of content, it has a note at the beginning of SIBLY and a minute in Dazed not on source 1. It's very similar to source 1 in sound quality.
  7. That source is the Barry G source, which is in that weedwacker set. What presently circulates runs from the end of Sick Again to the beginning of No Quarter.
  8. I see you've decided to switch accounts again to defend your beloved T2K (or rather, your income stream).
  9. Just showed up on DIME and TTD. Has the beginning of Rock And Roll complete, unlike Jared Houser's recording. Same taper as the 1972 show (I believe).
  10. Dazed is Toronto 71. No Quarter sounds like it's from 75. Thank You is Southampton 73.
  11. It has now appeared online.
  12. Your copy has patches from another show. There is a master to CDR with the whistle filtered out.
  13. No. The only soundboard patches on that release were in Dazed and Stairway and were heavily noise reduced (the patch EVSD used for Down by the Riverside is not from the board but from a fourth, otherwise uncirculated audience source). I've heard a sample. The raw transfer sounds about the same as the circulating low gen, the mixdown is a nice EQ job, no brickwalling.
  14. I’ve compared to the eight other sources, this seems to be a new source (and the best sounding one IMO)
  15. Also on that channel is bits of a new audience source for 1972.10.02 Tokyo in excellent quality.
  16. PM sent. Titles are similar, EVSD is a bit less aggressively mastered.
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