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Bilal and The Witness Protection Program


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Yes, I'm aware that a lot of people are not going to like this renditon of this classical zep tune, but one must admit that both Kirk and Questlove are very good musicians, and must be respected as such. I can't say the same about the singer, he's terrible in this song:P

Anyway, here it is, whatever you think of it, I thought you might find it interesting.



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Thoughts: Interesting use of a tuba, and it works very well. Singer shows that, as I've said for years, SIBLY is very much an urban blues song more so than a pastoral interpretation of inner-city blues. Try not watching the singer jump around and posture and just listen to how emotive he is vocally. Impressive.

I really dig this. This has a TON of energy, just like the original but with its own twist. Great find, Munoz.

FYI, ?uestlove jammed with JPJ at Bonnaroo last year.


Question - who else is in here? Who's on guitar and who's singing?

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Glad you liked it, I did aswell. The guy on guitar is, I believe, Captain Krik Doulgas. He plays in The Roots along Questlove. Very talented, this guy has so much strength and accuracy in his hands. I have no idea who's on vocals, but it could be this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilal_(musician)

Edit: Yes, I'm aware that he did infact play with Questlove. There are som videos up on YouTube. They do a great jam alongside Ben Harper. The jam includes som Zep songs

Edit: I just listened to it again, I wasn't too fond of the vocals at first, but they have started to grow on me after reading your post

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