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got rush tix today, so i decided to listen to my whole rush catalog while i did some yard work. when i got to permanent waves, and took out the cd, there was another cd under it. i have'nt listened to this cd in Years... this other cd looks like a burn your own type. not smething i do. the top looks like a little vynal record, and is titled Verbatim 80 min. soi put it in the player and this is what i get: 14 random led zep songs, all sound remastered, all but 3 are from albums.

1 tangerine

2 the girl i love she got long wavy black hair (bbc sessions)

3 kashmir

4 moby dick

5 no quarter

6 nobodys fault but mine

7 the battle of evermore

8 the rain song

9 all of my love

10 dazed and confused

11 fool in the rain

12 misty mountain hop

13 hey hey what can i do? (import 45)

14 kashmir (live instramental)

that last one, what the f... never heard it in my life. what is it? sounds like the page, plant early 90's stuff. anyway, my wife has no idea were this cd came from either. it's not like me to put one on top of another in the same case. weird.....

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