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  1. in recent years there have been a lot of strong female toughs, in movies. but i don't think any could touch sigorny weaver's "ripley", in "aliens". she's smart, strong, and will kick alien ass. then we got "sara conner", from terminater. she's close, but no cigar. who else should make this list? and who is toughest?
  2. been to a bunch of stp shows, loved'em all. got all the cd's love'em all, this is one of the few bands that i like most every song, except for the last cd. hate it. when they tour i'll go. but i will not buy a new cd just because it's stp. it will have to be really good.
  3. ALIENS, sigourney weaver, is the toughest chick ever.
  4. 30 years of research, jpj, gezeer, paul....
  5. thisis so far into the thead i guess no one will read. when i was around 10, out one nite with mom, cloudy nite, dark country road, we saw lights forming a triangle, just above the trees. she stopped the car... no noise... the lites slowly moved away out of view. that was the late 1960's. then in early 80's with a friend fishing at 1 am, very cloudy, very, very windy, on a fishing peer, just below the clouds, we saw a white ball of light. it went up, down, back, and forth. in every direction. very fast. for 10 min. could have been ball lightning, but i don't think so..............
  6. take a large pinch of mary jane and remove stems and seeds, drop into a pre glued rice paper, folded at 1/4 of the length, roll towards the sticky side, lick the glued side, twist both ends, put one end in mouth, light the other end, inhale. hold breath a bit. exhale slowly.. inhale, repeat, untill brain is fully cooked....best done while listening to led zeppelin
  7. just got "HELP!", the dvd. gonna watch it now. can't wait!!!
  8. machine head, if you get nothing else. one of the best albums of all time. right there with zep...
  9. it's called "the dark side of oz", and you can start at each of the 3 roars. and it sync's up alittle better for diff, parts of the movie. there's really only a few sync's. if you see more it's pushing it a bit. close but no cigar.
  10. wow, there's a bunch. so here's a few king kong 1933 robin hood 1938 mogambo 1953 war of the worlds 1953 the beatles "help" monty python's "holy grail" blazing saddles the omen star wars jurassic park brave heart kill bill vol. I when i was a teenager i worked at a small town movie theater. i saw a bunch of classics. the one's that stick out are, blazing saddles, the black people was laughing harder than the whites. the omen. people where actually leaving, shaking uncontrolably, and crying. the scariest movie ever. and star wars, when it came out on the big screen, it was "wow, holy shit!", nobody had ever seen anything like those special effects before.
  11. i'm listening to it right now... tsrts version of dazed... minus the bowing, just the finger boarding, and other jaming. i just think page is at his best here, working the frets, from top to bottom. as fast and hard as anybody. ! the bowing is great all by it's self.
  12. i think i saw the honey drippers on SNL in the mid 80's, with brian setzer on guitar. love the album, still waiting patiently for vol II. will it ever happen?
  13. my fav. sexy scene was phoebe cates, undoing her bikini top... wow!!!!! funniest,, was madeline kahn, in both, blazing saddles and young frankenstein, had small roles, which to me, made both movies. my fav. action scene, is any from kill bill vol I
  14. saw them this tour, one of the first few shows. it was great. they sounded as good as ever. but i got weirded out a bit because eddy kept kissing wolfgang on the mouth. the kid is what, 16? i've got a teenage son, if i tried to do that he'd kick my ass. did eddy do this at other shows? as far as sammy goes, i like him too. if you have'nt been to one of his shows, go, you'll have fun. the music rocks, and the band is good.
  15. rush... just got tix this morning, thanks to you and others who answered my post about going.
  16. sorry, "Hard Days Work" the brew hadn't kicked in yet , plus can't find my one hitter.
  17. no i have'nt heard"every" album,(i said it was just my opinion, not a fact) what are you twelve? but i've heard alot, i don't clam to be an expert all. but i can't name a band that , for me, put out either ,more than 10 solid albums, or 10 good years as a group. (the who, for some reason, being the excetion). even zep, as much as i love "in through the out door", to me was not even close to the older stuff. the stones, rush, 80's +90's who, aerosmith, others, not worth getting.... sorry to affend you.
  18. "rush" thank's to your advice,(just fucking go ), i will be getting rush tickets. don't know who i'll see before that. there's a bunch of good shit coming. been thinking of leon redbone, lots of fun, totally differant. what a voice. saw him in the 80's.
  19. some bands put out albums later on, just to make a buck.(it's ok to make money), but the music is not up to their old standards, like the stones, the who, deep purple, and others. so , only zep and the beatles have each put out a series of work worth buying everything. just my opinion.
  20. Help! on cable. one of those chanels where they want donations to operate, played help! last night. i haven't seen it in years. what a great movie. lots of fun. WOW! what a sound track! the best sound track of all time!(not including concert films). i just loved it...
  21. i love iommi. i think he has more range then rhodes. but that's just me. i'm no expert. and i was never a dio fan, except with rainbow.
  22. i bought " rocket to russia", when it came out in '76. loved the ramones ever since.... buy the way, do you see any relation of the album cover, and the movie Freaks?
  23. whose the best country guitarist?
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