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Jeff Mangum, the Salinger of Indie Rock


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From Slate:

What happened to Jeff Mangum?


Jeff Mangum

By Taylor Clark

Ten years ago this month, a songwriter from nowhere and his ramshackle band brought out one of the few truly great albums of this generation, a musical curio so gloriously odd that it almost defies explanation. The group called itself Neutral Milk Hotel, and the record, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, is a concept album about Anne Frank in which vocals about lost Siamese twins and semen-stained mountaintops mingle with the sounds of musical saws, fuzzy tape loops, and an amateur psychedelic brass band. It seems like a formula that would blister your eardrums, yet Aeroplane is a gorgeous, much adored work of art. In 2003, the alternative music magazine Magnet dubbed it the best album of the past decade—better than Nirvana, better than Radiohead.

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better than Nirvana

This is true. It's very very good, but...

better than Radiohead.

Oh please. :rolleyes: Silly music magazines, Radiohead can't be beaten. I said so, and that makes it a fact.

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