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Black Crowes 3/2/08 in Sayerville, NJ


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Great show in a small venue in NJ called the Starland Ballroom...had a blast...new album rocks and I will be buying it....here's a write up on the show....

n support of thier new release "Warpaint", The Black Crowes opened up their One Night Only city tour last night (3/2/08) in Sayreville, New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom. The next seven shows will take the band from New York, Boston, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and LA.

After the second song in the first set, frontman Chris Robinson told the crowd, "hey, we're here to try out some of our new stuff on you."

The band ran through all the songs from their new album Warpaint -

"Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution"

"Walk Believer Walk"

"O, Josephine"


"We Who See The Deep"

"Locust Street"

"Movin' On Down The Line"

"Wounded Bird"

"God's Got It"

"There's Gold In Them Hills"

"Whoa Mule"

"We want this album and we want these songs to have a little space and time on their own before they get mashed up into... all the other material we play," the singer explained to Billboard.com. "I don't think we've ever been in such a place where everyone's so excited to get to rehearsal to start playing stuff [and] really get into a groove."

The Crowes also welcomed in thier newest guitar player Luther Dickinson to the second guitar role alongside founder Rich Robinson. Dickinson, known from the band North Mississippi Allstars seemed to fit right into the role.

The new album "Warpaint" will be released on the bands own label Silver Arrow Records.

After running the new tunes the band took a short break and came back out the play a very short second set to finish off the night with tunes such as "Wiser Time" and "Jealous Again".

Next stop is The Fllmore East in New York City on March 4th.

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Forum Guideline #1:

Please SEARCH the board before posting and use existing thread for similar topics.


"That's not the point. They're two threads already devoted to the Black Crowes, period."

Watch out for the board bully, Wolfman... This kind of shit is exactly why I now rarely post anything in this forum.

Incidentally, Wolfman, I appreciated your post.

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Watch out for the board bully, Wolfman... This kind of shit is exactly why I now rarely post anything in this forum.

I am not a "board bully", not in the least. I was merely pointing out that there are already two threads devoted to the Black Crowes. Several members pointed out the same thing to eagle87 when he started creating totally new threads for previously existing topics yet no one accused them of being "board bullies" (well, except for maybe Jethro Troll). It's simply a matter of courtesy, it's not "bullying" at all. When each of us signed up here we agreed to follow the forum guidelines. It just so happens rule #1 under the guidelines is to use the Search feature to avoid having so many duplicate threads. There's nothinig "bullying" about being courteous to your fellow members of the board. I'm not sure what's so hard to understand about that. Interpret it as "bullying" if you like but that was not my (or the other members') intent at all.

Incidentally, Wolfman, I appreciated your post.

I never said I didn't appreciate the post but there were already setlists and reviews in the other threads.

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