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Hello LZ fans!


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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm also a new Led Zeppelin fan!

My discovery of Zeppelin began with my love of The Doors (my favorite band).

I've been a heavy listener of The Doors since highschool and started visiting forums over the past few years, coming across some Zep fans along the way. One of them posted a link to some concert footage of LZ on youtube. I watched it and loved it!

Its weird because I've heard some of their songs before and was never really interested but now I absolutely love them! I guess good taste in music comes with age?

Eventually I downloaded some of their songs (illegaly) and decided I liked em enough to make a purchase. A couple days ago, I went on Amazon.com and bought their Complete Studio Recordings box set. I found one for $79.99 from a 2nd hand dealer. I recieved it today at around noon time and spent almost 4 hours straight listening to most of it and reading the little book that came with it. I absolutely love it! Its almost surreal at the amount of great music contained in that set. $80 bucks well spent!

But yea, thats my story and I'm glad to have stumbled across this forum.

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