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First Zep song to melt your brain

Peep Solero

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I don't really know... I started listening to Led Zeppelin about 3-4 months ago when I found Mothership that my dad had bought many months ago. I transferred the songs on to my iPod (most of my music listening is with an iPod) and just started listening. It was so excellent that I couldn't believe it. Of the songs on Mothership I think that the ones that really melted my brains were Heartbreaker, Immigrant Song, Since I've Been Loving You and my favourite (atleast atm) Achilles Last Stand. I've found Led Zeppelin II from my brother's CD collection and also bought In Through The Out Door and Physical Graffiti when I saw them in a local record store. I ordered the rest of the albums today and will be going to pick them up tomorrow and then I will probably listen to them the rest of the day :D

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