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Oh really?


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I'm not sure if this has been posted or not, but I have to laugh. The interviewer is talking to Jimmy about his sloppy style from the 1st studio album, and then Jimmy goes on about the "honesty" of TSRST soundtrack! :lol:

Guitar Player: the guitar solo on "i can't quit you

baby" from led zeppelin is interesting - many

pull-offs in a sort of sloppy but amazingly

inventive style.

Jimmy Page: there are mistakes in it, but it

doesn't make any difference. i'll always leave

the mistakes in. i can't help it. the timing bits

on the a and b flat parts are right, though it

might sound wrong. the timing just sounds off.

but there are some wrong notes. you've got to be

reasonably honest about it. it's like the

filmtrack album (the song remains the same);

there's no editing really on that. it wasn't the

best concert playing-wise at all, but it was the

only one with celluloid footage, so there it was.

it was all right; it was just one "as it is"

performance. it wasn't one of those real magic

nights, but then again, it wasn't a terrible

night. so, for all its mistakes and everything

else, it's a very honest filmtrack. rather than

just trailing around through a tour with a

recording moble truck waiting fo the magic night,

it was just, "there you are - take it or leave

it." i've got a lot of live recorded stuff going

back to '69.


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Uh-huh. I read that too. That's like saying pigs fly across the brooklyn bridge everyday at noon. Now we have officially established that our friend Jimmy Page is a *gasp* Liar!

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