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R.E.M. at the Mann in Philadelphia 6/18/08


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What started off as a major pain in the butt turned out to be an incredible concert. The Mann is a great place to see a concert once you get there. It's in central Philly and there's no easy way getting there. Sat in traffic forever. Anyway....The National and Modest Mouse were the openers. Then came R.E.M. I had never seen them live and it was worth the wait. They played a lot of their new album which I really liked. They pretty much played everything I wanted to hear hits-wise (except "It's The End Of The World"). You knew something was up when Michael said how cool it was that Pearl Jam was there. Eddie came out and did one of the encores ("Begin The Begin"). Johnny Mar also played some of the encores with the band. I copied this setlist from another show. It's pretty much what I heard. I know one song was brand new and played for the first time tonight (or so they claimed). I'll try and get the real setlist tomorrow. What a week. I'm also seeing Pearl Jam Friday night in Philly! :D

"These Days"

"Horse To Water"

"What's The Frequency Kenneth?" (FANTASTIC LIVE)


"Man-Sized Wreath"

"So Fast, So Numb"



"Seven Chinese Brothers"

"Hollow Man"

"Bad Day"



"Living Well Is The Best Revenge"

"The One I Love"

"Final Straw"

"Until The Day Is Done"

"Let Me In"


"Orange Crush"

"I'm Gonna DJ"


"Supernatural Superserious"

"Losing My Religion"

"Begin The Begin"

"Second Guessing"

"Fall On Me (with Johnny Marr)"

"Man On The Moon"

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The "new" song was Staring Down the Barrel of the Middle Distance which they debuted during the working rehearsals in Dublin last summer. This is the first time it's been played on this tour. As for End of the World, after playing it for most every show since the mid-80s they dropped it from the setlist for the Around the Sun tour in 2004. They've only played it twice since: the night it was announced Bush had won the election for President in '04 and again on this tour when they played Jones Beach. It was done as a special treat for the fans because of the abbreviated setlist due to a rain delay.

Thanks for the report. I've already got one show under my belt for this tour and am looking forward to AthFest in Athens this weekend along with the tour finale (at least for the U.S.) in Atlanta on Saturday night. It's not been made official yet but word is, they may swing back through the U.S. in the fall.

There's some photos from last night's show on REMHQ's tour page here.

Here's the setlist from last night (which should show up on the Setlists section of REMHQ later today):

These Days

Living Well is the Best Revenge

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Wolves, Lower

Man-Sized Wreath

Turn You Inside-Out

Imitation of Life

Staring Down the Barrel of the Middle Distance


Bad Day

Hollow Man

The Great Beyond



Walk Unafraid

The One I love

Find the River

Let Me In


Life and How to Live it

Orange Crush

I'm Gonna DJ


Supernatural Superserious

Losing My Religion

Begin the Begin (with Eddie Vedder)

Fall on Me (with Johnny Marr)

Man on the Moon (with Johnny Marr)

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"Staring Down the Barrel of the Middle Distance" was the new song and it was excellent. Thanks for getting the real setlist up. I had a blast last night. I will definitely be going to see them again.

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Like I said, Staring Down the Barrel of the Middle Distance was debuted in Dublin last summer as part of the working rehearsals but didn't make the cut for Accelerate (same for On the Fly, which also got cut from Around the Sun).

There's been some talk of a second U.S. leg following the European tour. Hopefully some official will be announced shortly.

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Nice to see them doing Ignoreland - one of their better rockers IMO and rarely done live.

It's never been done live until this tour.

A couple shots from the front row in Raleigh:



Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Mitch Easter and Don Dixon

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