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The Song Remains The Same and Mothership : 4 LP-180 Gram Vinyl Box Sets


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I've noticed that they were not afraid to lay out 11 minutes worth of song on one side of the SRTS vinyl.

More groove width=more sonic information. Opposite of K-tel collections from the 70's.

I think vinyl is also making a comeback due to the influx of USB turntables. Even the cheap Ions play at the correct speed, unlike all those Panasonic type dorm stereos of the 80's that consistently played too fast. And the big album art... I find that extremely collectible.

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I've just got the expanded CD, because I don't want to play my WHITE VINYL version. Is there a difference between the two? Other than quality?

White vinly!!!!!!!!!! I nearly had a heart attack!!!!!!!!

Has anyone else on here got one?

We should start our own special club....

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