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Which Jimmy Wardrobe Do You Prefer?


Which Jimmy Wardrobe Do You Prefer?  

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  1. 1. Vote for your favorite Jimmy look!

    • The Dandy Look: flower in the lapel, scarves, velvet jackets and silk shirts
    • The Farmer Folkie: floppy hat, scruffy beard, and trench coat
    • The Pantsuit Look: woven dragons, astrology signs, and the rings of Saturn around the rump
    • The Casual Friday Look: jacket, shirt, tie, and jeans
    • The High Finance Look: black suit, white shirts, black or white scarves
    • The Eco-Warrior Look: green army jacket, t-shirt, jeans
    • ALL of the above!

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Or Jimmy dressing like Oscar Wilde? Maybe Jimmy was going for the posh Victorian, velvet jacket look?

please don't read too far into this...I know I killed a few fantasies here... just havin' fun 'cause we ALL know Jimmy liked the ladies. (I'll think I'll go now before it's too late to run for cover...)



This is a good photo indeed! Voted for "Dandy-Jimmy" as well.

Yes we know how much JImmy enjoys the ladies (and we know how many ladies like it when a man has softer/slightly feminine qualities, right?)

You know ladies, I remember seeing an interview with Jimmy on YouTube (from 2014, regarding his photo book), he tells a funny story from the 70's

about a lovely young lady handing out flyers in London. He asked the girl if she wanted to come with him to Scotland. The girl knew who he was and knew the music......., but she thought Jimmy and Robert were a gay couple..........! She did not go to Scotland with Jimmy.

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Yep, I voted for the late 60s dandy look myself with the Dragon Tele, though I also like his 75' black and silver shirt with the white pants too. Also his garb during the 77' LA Forum run and the one Oakland Show where he is not wearing the Dragon outfit.

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