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  1. I know, I know, I should be around on these forums for often. I remember reading about Alan Rickman's passing on FaceBook. Truly was gutted too, hearing this awful news. Wonderful actor and a wonderful human being (indeed, from many accounts of others who worked with Alan. All mention his kindness, warmth and great sense of humour....). And yes...., he had THAT voice....
  2. Cool band indeed. Don't own their album, but found it on Spotify. Wonder what the chances are of them doing something again..........? (Would surely go and see them play, if it was possible,,,,,,) Maaike
  3. January 20th, Sass Jordan @ "Het Paard van Troje" here in The Hague. Should be great!
  4. Ok Ok, I haven't been on these forums lately, so I didn't post my birthday wishes for Jimmy (I did on FaceBook). Wow, 72 years old, may there be many more years, filled with happiness, health and (hopefully) music. ....
  5. I suppose I agree, everything about JImmy being sloppy or not has been said in this topic. Yes, I guess that indeed is the thing with many Led Zep songs, they oftem require more "attitude" than flawless technique to make them sound right..... Ha ha, for me personally as a hobby guitar player, that is very hard to accomplish. My teacher is teaching me to play Stevie Ray Vaugn's Pride and joy, I know Stevie Ray did have an incredible technique and still managed to make the songs sound very loose. Ha ha, I do get the chords and notes right, now I have to see if I can play the blues with the right attitude.....(the hardest part....) Maaike
  6. This seems interesting, thanks for this write up on Boleskine House. So sad that iit has been distroyed in a large fire. I hope the true cause of the fire will be found.......
  7. Am a moderate Star Wars fan (not a total fanatic, but I do like the movies) and saw The force awakens during my Christmas holiday. Loved the movie, it was good to see the old gang (Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chubacca, Luke) as well as getting to know the new characters. The overall experience was fantatstic, the only thing that could hae been a bit better was the sory line as it is a lot like the story line form Episode IV, A new hope....... LOL! Yes, the scene with Mark Hamil also reminded me of Jimmy in his fantasy scene in The song remains the same, as the hermit. Maaike
  8. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Zep heads!
  9. Tonight I will be seeing the Golden Earring. At a club no less, the "Paard van Troje" (Trojan Horse). This should be special as they usually play much larger venues, festivals, concert halls or arenas. And yes, in the 70's they opened for Led Zep and Aerosmith.....Still a very good band, especially guitarist George Kooymans, that man is great (He's no Jimmy, but still a VERY good guitar player).
  10. -Tonight (wed, Sept 23rd) I will be seeing Guy Davis (accoustic blues). Saw him once before and he is great! Will be small and intimate, as it is a livingroom concert. -Oct 15th, I will be seeing Golden Earring at lthe egendary "Paard van Troje". Paard van Troje means The Trojan Horse, one my country's most well known music venues, together with Paradiso in Amsterdam.
  11. Mmmm...., maybe people see too much into this (or maybe not....), but on FaceBook someone posted a picture of some guitar straps that JImmy supposedly recently purchased.... Somehow there is a small spark of hope in me, that JImmy would actually pick up a guitar again (even if I know all to well that's not very realistic.......)
  12. Happy Friday ladies, alsmost weekend! I haven't been on these forums for a while (have just been busy.....). Seems this topic has been quiet as well. Time to share some eye candy... Ladies, hope you'll enjoy!
  13. The new lay-out looks good. I haven't been on the forum for a short while, so I will try out how everthing works on our brand new forum. Maaike
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