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Raising Sand Lexington KY 7/18

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Tickets to Rupp Arena on ticketmaster: $170

Gas to get there: $100

T- Shirt: $30

Hearing Robert Plant say "Of all the things you could be doing on a Friday night, you're here in Lexington, Kentucky kicking ass": PRICELESS

I dont even know how to begin describing what I saw the evening of July 18. I guess I'll start from the begining as soon as I walked into the arena. The first thing I noticed was the split between the Robert Plant fans and the Alison Krauss fans, the difference was noticable. There was a lot of Zep t shirts and dress shirts all mixed together. I was wearing a shirt with the patches on it (Robert's symbol was on my left arm and Jimmy's on my right) But anyway the concert was incredible. This was the first time I had ever seen Robert live and he rocked the house. There is nothing wrong with the way he sings he can still do it, he hasnt lost a thing. He would even start giving a little of the old Zeppelin battle cry and whip his hair around and dance a move on stage, it was great. They opened with Rich Woman and moved on through most of Raising Sand and some of their other hits, they ALL were fantastic, but Ill just list the ones that really blew me away. In The Mood was amazing, his voice was flawless throughout the night and it really shined on this song. At the end he dedicated it to Ronnie Wood lol. Black Dog was awesome with the new arangment and it was awesome going crazy with everyone when the whole arena reconized what was coming. Fortune Teller was great, he hit everything perfect and the lights were awesome. Alison did great to. Her vocie gave me chills through the whole show. My favorite thing she sang alone the whole night was Wildwood Flower. The song that will stick with me the rest of my life and has made me want to play music even more was The Battle of Evermore. They played a slower song before TBOE so everyone was sitting down and I happy to say that I was the first one around me or maybe in the whole arena that stood up when the mandolin kick into the opening riff. The way it was arranged they sang a certain part in a different key and it was amazing. This was my first live encounter with the mysticism of Led Zeppelin and it blew me away. Alison was perfect for Sandy Denny's part and Robert sang it perfect. During "The sunlight blinds his eyes" a white light rose across the first row all the way to the last row then Robert broke into Bring it back and completly rocked it. The whole concert was amazing and it was the greatest night of my life so far and will only be replaced when I get married and my kids are born, it would then be the third greatest night of my life. The Robert Plant, Alison Krauss combination is electric and has given me a whole new musical direction to aim for. This is my favorite group of all time because they have came out in my lifetime, play music that I really like, I was able to buy a new cd that was great, and I got to see them live on their first tour. I am from West Virginia so I have always loved folk music and rock and roll and Raising Sand delivers everything Id ever want and more. I would like to put my bid in for the president of the Robert Pant, Alison Krauss fan club!!! :D All the haters of the Plant/Krauss combination really need to see this show before they say anything because they are GREAT!!! Im hoping for another tour!!!! (with special guests Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, now that would be awesome) B)

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