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Ok I grew up durring the birth of Mtv and it all started when I was 10 in 1981, and all the way until I was 14 I watched endless hours of videos. now I have been able to find almost every video I remember watching on Youtube. but there is this one video I know someone has to remember it? I have done a million google searches a million differen't ways. I don't really know the band or the name of the song? I thinks it's something like "Two double cheese side order of fries"....

it's a really cheesey video this guy is in his car driving, well it's a car seat with a video in the background lol...and he sings "when I'm driving in my car and I got to have a spazzz!!!....two double cheese side order of fries" and he goes to the drive through window singing "then I see the waitress with the nice shinny teeth...two double cheese side order of fries"" and the lady is sticking out the drivet hrough window with these giant white shinny teeth!.....lol


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Here you go ...

Commander Cody


In the 60's, Commander Cody brought longhair country/rockabilly music to San Francisco and the rest of the civilized world. In those early days, Commander Cody played as the house band for Linda Ronstadt, Doug Kershaw, Gene Vincent and Emmylou Harris. Soon they began headlining clubs and were signed to Paramount Records. They recorded four albums for Paramount (now in print on MCA records), that included the hits "Hot Rod Lincoln", "Beat Me Sally, Eight to the Bar", "Mama Hated Diesels" and "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette)". Their Live From Deep In The Heart Of Texas album, recorded at the famous Armadillo World Headquarters, won a four star rating from Rolling Stone magazine. The band moved on to Warner Brothers Records, where in 1976 they hit with Don't Let Go. Three albums for Warner Brothers followed, including the double album Got A Live One Here, recorded live in Europe.

The Commander Cody band toured Europe several times, opening for Led Zeppelin and Peter Tosh, as well as playing dance halls. The band recorded an album for German release in 1981 entitled Lose It Tonight, now available in the U.S. on Peter Pan Records. From this album came the Emmy award winning MTV video "Two Triple Cheese, Side Order of Fries" now in the Rolling Stone magazine Video Hall Of Fame and the Museum Of Modern Art Video Archives. The Commander's own art work was rediscovered at this time in the full color hardback book, "Star Art". Three times in the 80's the Commander appeared on the David Letterman show, contributing to his rising reputation as a zany talk show personality. Television credits for the Commander Cody band include appearances in the NBC series "Police Woman", the movie "Hollywood Boulevard", as well as spots on "Midnight Special", "In Concert", and Don Kirchner's "Rock Concert".

In 1986, the Commander Cody band toured, made a new video, wrote, and recorded a powerful new album, Let's Rock! that was released on Blind Pig. Let's Rock! does just that, featuring new compositions in the old Cody tradition like "Truck Stop at the End of the World" and "Rockabilly Funeral".

Further information about Commander Cody can be found in a biography entitled "Starmaking Machinery", now in its 12th printing on Avon Paperback, written by Village Voice columnist and Beatle biographer Geoff Stokes


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OMG!!! thanks so much :D ....you cats ROCK!

I have not seen this video in over 25 years.


and Dzldoc (Denis Leary rules! Rescue Me is my favorite show)

it's funny I read the coments below the video on youtube and I swear just about every one is something that I would have said.....lol :D it's nice to know I am not alone.

again thanks sooo much."you have made my year!"

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