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My Bloody Valentine & Sigur Rós in the same week!


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Man, after weeks and weeks of waiting, the My Bloody Valentine

shows are finally here...just 2 more days until they play the Santa

Monica Civic. Actually, if you count the time since I saw MBV on

their 1992 tour, I've been waiting 16 YEARS for this show!!!

And as if that wasn't enough, after seeing MBV Wednesday Oct. 1,

Sigur Rós is playing the Greek the next day, Oct. 2

In fact, I was planning on seeing BOTH nights of MBV at the Santa

Monica Civic until Sigur Rós announced their Greek gig...I'm still kind

of torn on whether to skip Sigur Rós and see both MBV shows...but

then, Sigur Rós are just so damn extraordinary in concert.

Has anybody seen any of the My Bloody Valentine shows this year?;

either in the UK or at All Tomorrow's Parties in New York? I think

they are also playing Toronto, Chicago and San Francisco.

Sigur Rós is also doing a small tour of the US, and if you haven't seen

them live, I HIGHLY recommend you do so...their studio records don't

do them justice. In concert they are otherworldly.

And the fun doesn't stop there...Friday night is the David Byrne + Brian Eno

show at the Hollywood Bowl!

What a week of concerts! Perfect for taking my mind off of the economy.

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Right on. Yeah, I also went to the MBV show at Santa Monica Civic on the 1st of October. My review:

Sold Out show. The place was pretty packed...it was hosted in this big almost warehousey building used for conventions. I have no idea how many people were there but it must have been several thousand. I stood about 20 feet in front of the soundboard.

As far as the sound goes, their reputation for putting on a very loud show definitely preceded them, and they didn't disappoint. Though it wasn't as pummeling as seeing Sunn O))) in a club, that is, not until the closer "You Made Me Realise" which included an insane 20 minute, frenzied, wall of noise and feedback interlude that about knocked me on my ass. I could literally feel the sonic boom hit me in the face like a gust of wind. Definitely a test of endurance and a good portion of the audience walked out during it.

Now for complaints. Like most venues the size of this one, the PA system at this place really sucked. Without earplugs all you could hear was hiss, no definition at all really and I've heard bands that were just as loud with plenty of definition. The vocals were also barely audible most of the time and at other times not at all which was really disappointing. Also, way too many stage lights. If I wanted to be blinded while listening to MBV I'd turn on a CD and shoot fireworks into my eyes. I was afraid I might develop epilepsy from viewing the show.

Otherwise though, it was a good show though. Not really worth $60 in my opinion, but good nonetheless.

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