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A Petition for an Open Forum


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I have answers for everything you're going to say:

1. We've had this!

Wrong. We've had moderated debates where a moderator picks out questions he or she thinks is suitable and asks them of only the Democratic and Republican candidates.

What we have NOT had is an open, (generally) unmoderated forum with ALL presidential candidates (in other words, not just the Democratic and Republican candidates, but ALL of them) available to answer our questions.

2. Unmoderated is stupid because certain questions may be asked or certain statements may be made that are tasteless or even threatening.

True. That's why what I say is "generally" unmoderated. There is a small board there weeding out the tasteless questions and threatening statements to keep them from getting through. However, any question on any policy directed at any of the candidates is fair game. Even if it is a question based on an issue that is not in the forefront of our modern day (like censorship and drug policy), it can still be asked.

3. But how would the entire country participate? You can't fit the entire country in one small venue.

I said this in the petition, but if you can't make it or you are too late, you can send in your question by mail or email beforehand, or by phone or email during the forum.

4. What's the point of even signing? It's just going to be ignored. They're not gonna agree to this just because of some petition. So why should I bother?

Guess what? I have a surprise for all of you. The more signatures a petition has, the more weight it carries. The more signatures, the more chance it has of being noticed and maybe even considered.

And here's another astounding secret. Guess when petitions fail? That's right... when nobody signs them.

So why should you sign my petition? Why should you even give it the time of day?

I'll tell you why. Because you have an obligation... a duty... to discover everything you can about the presidential candidates. You have an obligation to find out their policies. You have an obligation to take them to task and find out what they would do once in office. Why do you have this obligation? Because our next President is going to work for you. And like an employer hiring an employee, you are the one who should be interviewing the candidates.

If you sign this petition, you are one step away from granting yourself access to the second best way of doing this (the first best being the ability to meet and interview that candidate yourself).

If you sign this petition, you bring yourself one step closer to truly and honestly participating in the process Americans fought so hard for and continue to fight for to this day.

Remember. These candidates are answerable to us, so it's time to make them answer us.

And that is why I propose this petition and I hope you sign. I don't care what your political affiliation is. You have an obligation to be part of it.

So please. Sign the petition. And let's ask the questions of all our candidates that we want answered!

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