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With the price of oil down to near $60 a barrel, why drill here? The US's drivers are driving less, as that's often cited as a reason for the price lowering, so let's keep up that trend. I doubt we'd be able to produce oil for less, especially if the price keeps going down.

It's not so bad being dependent on other countries for their supplies and services, we're GREAT at outsourcing work and being a non-productive country.

Afterall we also get our bananas, coconuts, kiwi-fruit and spices from all around the world. Just think if those countries held back on us. We'd have an epicurian war!!!!!

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Sorry Dzldoc,

This is a complety stupid plan.

Natural gas prices are going up 25% this year and we want to convert our cars to it.

It takes 10 years for half of America to buy a new car.

It will cost trillions of dollars to convert gas stations over to Natural gas.

Cars with gas goes twice the distance as cars with natural gas. The longest running Natural gas car is something in the 200 mile range.

You find natural gas on top of oil. Russia, a primary supplier of natural gas, is starting their own OPEC type cartel on the Natl gas industry.

Pickens owns a large portion of the Wind and Solar industry. He is not cutting his prices either.

Mr. Obama has a plan to get rid of Foreign dependency on oil in 10 years without Nuke or offshore drilling. Than he says we can't build a pipeline from Alaska in 10 years. What do you think is harder to do, build a pipeline, or find new ways to make up 70% of our oil usage, without more drilling or Nuke.

On top of all this, we will pay for it. The power companies will glady pay for new nukes on their own dime. Th oil companies will glady pay for new oil platforms and a new pipeline. and there is yet for a city that installed these windmills, and comment on how good they look. There just like oil dereks but bigger.

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