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Fender 60's reissue Jazz Bass


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This will sound like captain obvious but JPJ and Noel had completely different tone and style. Lots of players make the mistake of assuming that acquiring the same gear as player X will make them sound like player X. The reality is to play like whatever musician it is you are trying to sound like you need to be able to play like that person, it's all about abilitly and technique not the gear.

That said all of Fender's RI stuff tends to be pretty good but there are some stand outs IMO. Most prefer the Japanese and American made RI's and many of the signature issue bass models available here are made in Japan. One of the best is the Geddy Lee sig model, which is a 70's style Jazz Bass reissue. I had one and it was killer. Comes with Fender US pickups, a Quan Badass bridge, has a nice thin neck and gets great vintage sounding Fender tones.

Howver worthy of note is getting a specific bass sound has much to do with the strings, brands and types of bass strings make a difference in addition to technique. If you are trying to get a certain players sound you first need to find out if they used round wound or flatwound strings and what those strings are made of. Steel round sound very different from flat nickel.

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