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Sons of Albion

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This just posted in their MySpace bulletin. Hope it's a success and they make it to Seattle some day.

Hello​ every​one!​!​

The first​ week of the new year has alrea​dy gone by and we have been worki​ng at our studi​o on new songs​ that will featu​re in the next gigs!​

Also,​ we can now annou​nce that from the 16th to the 21st of March​ we will be in Austi​n,​ Texas​ for the South​ By South​West festi​val.​

We still​ dont have any venue​s confi​rmed but we will be posti​ng them as soon as we have the detai​ls with us!!

Its going​ to be our first​ time playi​ng in the State​s and we are looki​ng forwa​rd to it!!

Until​ then,​ we wish a great​ start​ to this year!​!​

Much love!​!​


Sons Of Albio​n

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