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Drive-By Truckers Re-enter Studio


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I love that song but can't say I'm a huge fan of that album. It has lots of songs I really do like (Danko/Manuel, Lookout Mountain, Carl Perkin's Cadillac, Goddamn Lonely Love, etc.) but it also has some that I thought were better live such as Boys From Alabama and Puttin' People On the Moon. I can't say I ever particularly cared all that much for The Buford Stick either. I also always thought the story behind Tornadoes was better than the song itself.

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My favorites are Gangstabilly and Pizza Deliverance. My least favorites (besides The Dirty South) are probably A Blessing And A Curse and their latest. I still favor quite a few songs off of A Blessing and A Curse such as Gravity's Gone, it's just that Jason's songs didn't seem to work very well on that album and it's very clear he was headed in a completely different direction. I do like one of the songs of his that didn't make the cut, When the Well Runs Dry. Thankfully it turned up on the A Blessing and A Curse bonus disc along with some live stuff from the Llve at the 40 Watt DVD and their cover of Like A Rolling Stone that originally appeared on The Highway 61 Revisited Revisited comp that came with an issue of Uncut.


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More on the new record here.

Although I liked Brighter Than Creation's Dark, I never really connected with it on the same level I did with some of their other albums. In that regard, I'm glad to hear the follow up is going to be a "big, loud, rowdy rock record".

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Some info from Patterson.

Drive-By Truckers myspace blogg

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Word from Patterson - 1/2009


Just a quick note to thank everyone who helped make our 2009 get off to such an amazing start.

All 3 nights of our Athens GA 40 Watt Homecoming SOLD OUT (1st time ever) as did Baltimore and Richmond.


They are still adding up the numbers on the NUCI'S SPACE BENEFIT but it looks like we exceeded 20K by some degree, passing my goal by a significant margin. (I will report on final numbers ASAP).


Most of us were able to attend the Inauguration last week and were thrilled to be a witness to one of our nation's finest days of history.

Thanks to all our DC friends for their warm hospitality on that cold cold day.

This weekend we will be playing in Knoxville at the Valarium (Thurs Jan 29) and two evenings at one of our favorite clubs, Asheville's historic Orange Peel (Fri Jan 30 and Sat Jan 31). Our special guests for these dates will be Bloodkin - www.bloodkin.net - who totally blew the doors off of The National in Richmond last Saturday. Make sure you check out their new album "Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again" when it is released next month. It's a great album.

On Feb. 5th, I am playing my annual benefit for The Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival.

The festival is an annual event in Athens and this year's lineup is even better than usual (Rear Window, the original King Kong, ET, Sunset Blvd., The Godfather etc.). For the benefit, I will be playing in the round (Nashville Songswap Style) with special guests Dave Marr (formerly of Star Room Boys) Don Chambers, William Tonks (formerly of Barbara Cue and tons of great Athens bands) and David Barbe. Also appearing and adding backing to all will be John Neff and Brad Morgan. The event will take place in Athens GA at The Farm on Washington St. at 10PM. All proceeds will go towards the film festival.

On Feb 7th, PBS will be airing the episode of Austin City Limits starring DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS and Ryan Bingham. We filmed our part back in September and are very pleased with it so by all means check it out. Please check local listings for exact time and date of airing.

Next month we have a few more dates including a two night stand in DC at 9:30 and a few dates with Hayes Carll, whose most recent album made my top 5 this past year.

ALSO don't forget, we have a new album coming out in April.

It's actually BOOKER T's first new album in over a decade.

It is called Potato Hole and we were blessed to be his backup band for the entire album.

We recorded it back in September and it also features Neil Young.

It will be out in April on ANTI Records and is a MUST HAVE!

We will be playing some dates with Booker, including our first ever New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival appearance on Friday April 24th.

Stay Tuned for more announcements, as we have a busy year lined up and lots more news to release as it all gets a little closer.

For now, be safe, and SEE YOU AT THE ROCK SHOW.

Patterson Hood / Drive-By Truckers

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Just a reminder that the Truckers (along with Ryan Bingham) are going to be on Austin City Limits on Saturday night. I loved last weekend's episode with Nick Lowe and The Swell Season (which featured a guest appearance by Austin native Daniel Johnston).

More info on this weekend's episode here.

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Just a reminder that the Truckers (along with Ryan Bingham) are going to be on Austin City Limits on Saturday night. I loved last weekend's episode with Nick Lowe and The Swell Season (which featured a guest appearance by Austin native Daniel Johnston).

More info on this weekend's episode here.

Thanks for the tip!

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Professor Patterson Hood?


Is the End of Days upon us?

By Blurt Staff

According to the Bible, the seven signs of the Apocalypse include war, famine, disease, hatred, crime and earthquakes, but BLURT's crack team of Biblical historians have uncovered the long lost eighth sign that Judgement Day may be near:

Patterson Hood is lecturing today at Princeton University.

The always-affable frontman of the Drive-By Truckers is meeting with American Studies students to kick off "Radio Free Dixie (Or, De Dirty South Broke-down): A Symposium on New South Sounds & Culture," a free two-day event that formally begins this Friday, May 8, which will attempt to examine the influence of rock musicians, artists, scholars, politicians, spiritual figures and critics that emerged from the Southeast region of the United States during the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

We here at BLURT always enjoy any opportunity to shoot the bull with Hood. Our most recent chat with the long-time Athens, GA resident focused on Murdering Oscar (and other love songs), his new solo release due out June 23. Keep your eyes peeled for an extensive feature in our upcoming print edition hitting newsstands in June.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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Back home for a few days.

Been a crazy few weeks in which Australia, Coachella, New Orleans, Madison Square Garden and Princeton have been explored and hopefully somewhat conquered. Now, as they say, Back To Work!

MURDERING OSCAR (and other love songs) will be released in a month. PRE-ORDER your copy now at http://pattersonhood.com/merch.html. We have some great pre-order packages available including the deluxe package which includes a Wes Freed limited edition, signed and numbered FAP giclée with Murdering Oscar front and back cover artwork.

The very first reviews are starting to come in and looking good.

Due to the logistics of touring with a band comprised of members of various other bands (plus David Barbe's studio schedule) there will only be a limited number of shows initially, but we are hitting Chicago and both coasts this summer and hope to do some more dates later in the year.

The Murdering Oscar Tour will feature the core band that plays on the majority of the album.


David Barbe will be embarking with us for what will be his first major tour since the waning days of Sugar (in 1995).

Will Johnson and Scott Danbom from the band Centro-matic will be playing with me as well (although they will be missing the Bonnaroo set due to travel limitations).

Rounding out the band will be John Neff and Brad Morgan.

The show will be a rocking affair featuring much of the new album and a selection of tracks from Killers and Stars, fleshed out with a full band for the first time. We might work up a great cover or two.

Some of the venues are smaller than where DBT plays, so don't forget to get advance tickets because there will be some sellouts.

In other news:

We are very happy with the response that BOOKER T. and the DBT's have gotten. The reviews of the album have been stellar and the show gets better every time we play it. Due to our crazy schedule, there will only be a few more of the shows so if you haven't caught one yet, time is running out.

DBT has a couple of new releases in the immediate pipeline:

First off, our Austin City Limits show from last fall will be released on July 7 on DVD. The DVD will include the entire performance (only about a third of it was aired when it came on TV).

This is by far the best live performance of ours ever caught on film.

We were on, the sound was excellent, and the production value top-notch. We loved playing on that stage and the crowd was fantastic.

It also features one of the last ever performances of "18 Wheels Of Love", featuring the full monologue and the sequel monologue.

Second in upcoming DBT News, on September 1st, New West will be releasing THE FINE PRINT (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008). We finished mixing it yesterday and are mastering it Thursday. It features 12 songs and maybe the most fun album we've ever made. Songs include "George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues", "Rebels", "Play It All Night Long", "TVA" and the original never released version of "Goode's Field Road".

Finally, we will be in studio this month hard at work on the next new DBT album which should be out by early 2010.

Check out my new website at www.pattersonhood.com and always keep a close eye out for what's happening around www.drivebytruckers.com and of course keep supporting live Rock and Roll.

See You Soon.

Patterson Hood

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CD/DVD Combo

1. Perfect Timing

2. Heathens

3. A Ghost To Most

4. The Righteous Path

5. I'm Sorry Huston

6. 3 Dimes Down

7. Puttin' People On The Moon

8. Space City

9. The Living Bubba

10. Zip City

11. 18 Wheels Of Love

12. Let There Be Rock

13. Marry Me

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New interview with Shonna Tucker:

‘Southern Female Attitude’


Courtesy Drive-By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers’ Shonna Tucker joined the band in 2004.

by Beth Dickson

Songs by Athens, Ga.-based band Drive-by Truckers run the gamut from “stories of corruption, crime and killing” (as Mike Cooley’s “Cottonseed” puts it) to modern tales of the Iraq War and the struggle to raise a family in tough economic times. Their lyrics touch on grave subjects such as poverty, AIDS and cancer, but also include lighter topics about a reindeer-diddling Santa and a strong-armed Avon Lady.

The Truckers’ newest emerging songwriter is bassist Shonna Tucker, who joined the Drive-By Truckers in 2004. The 2008 album “Brighter Than Creation’s Dark” features three songs Tucker wrote. During the band’s more rocking numbers, Tucker may come across as a Jack Daniels-chugging, badass bass player, but when she eases up to the mic and quietly croons, her voice is at once ethereal and mournful—revealing Tucker’s softer side sometimes hidden by her “just one of the boys” reputation.

In addition to Tucker on bass, The Drive-By Truckers’ current lineup includes Patterson Hood (singer, guitarist, songwriter), Mike Cooley (singer, guitarist, songwriter), John Neff (pedal steel guitarist), Brad “the EZB” Morgan (drummer) and Jay Gonzalez (keyboards).

Tucker spoke to the Jackson Free Press while on a brief hiatus from touring at her home in Killen, Ala.

To read the interview click here.

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