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  1. I love the shot of the three of them with Plant's sandals on stage. Plant must have been on the grass when this photo was taken as shown in one of the other photo's.
  2. This would be FANTASTIC - I sure hope this is true!
  3. I LOVE this photo - the stage is set, some adjustments by a couple of roadies; soon ready for sound check and a KILLER gig! Too bad the water mark is on this photo...
  4. Wow!
  5. From Cleveland 1977 - A man who manages to wash my hair with 7UP; John Bonham Over The Top, Top, Top........
  6. ^ That is freaking hilarious!
  7. Did Swan Song ever sign any American acts or were they all UK bands?
  8. Hey lets not forget we have film of the 31 August 1969 gig as well!
  9. I'm for any new release in good quality 75 or not. Looking forward to it!
  10. This was my first zeppelin boot & will always be my fav! The medley's from 1970 are amazing!
  11. I don't read Dutch but was able to follow nearly all of that exchange!
  12. I never realized that Jimmy had so much trouble with buttons on shirts! There are SO many pictures out there where there's just one button fastened in the middle. This thread got my thinking about the Firm gig I saw in April 1985. Here's a link to an interview with a writer from the Chicago Tribune from a few days before the show; pretty interesting...
  13. Ha! Got a bit choked up reading that..... Very cool indeed
  14. Since this is fantasy I'll say by the 1980/1981 tour there would have been a support act(s). During 1980 Def Leppard had opened for AC/DC. I could see AC/DC as support for Zeppelin across North America. To make things interesting, as they made their way through the Southern United States; they would have picked up a little unknown band called R.E.M. for a couple of dates, and then U2 for larger venues. Set List: Warm up: Walk Don't Run Houses of the Holy Night Flight Carouselambra Celebration Day The Song Remains The Same > Rain Song (back together again) Kashmir That's The Way Going to California Black Country Woman 10 Years Gone What Is And... Stairway... Encore Break How Many More Times inc bow segment WLL inc medleys Encore Break II Over The Hills The Rover > end show