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  1. Michael/Hellbar

    Last photo of Zeppelin all together (off stage)?

    Must be someone who knows about the final photoshoots ?
  2. As far as I know all prior reissues was pressed at Pallas Plant in germany and exported to the US and possible Japan as well. Each region had their own boxes made and in some cases slightly different labels but the actual vinyls were all pressed in Germany.
  3. just realized that there's a Japanese The Complete BBC Session deluxe box set and was wondering if anyone can tell if it is an exclusive japaese pressing or vinyls imported ? The box seems to be printed in Japan with the usual Obi strip. I seem to recall someone stating that the actual plating and pressing is done by Pallas Plant for worldwide distribution (USA/EU/Japan).
  4. Michael/Hellbar

    Song Remains the Same White Vinyl

    I payed more than that for my copy but that was almost immediately after release.
  5. Returned my 3 boxes to Amazon UK and re ordered through a local dealer in Los Angeles. I opened up all 3 of them and the # span from 002500 up till late 29000.
  6. Got my boxes a week ago and regarding the 'IV' none of them was numbered. I pre ordered the minute after they went online through Amazon UK and bought one copy in a local store. It seems like all numbered copies ended up in the US.
  7. Michael/Hellbar


    I want to get a hold of the best possible vinyl pressing and was wondering if anyone knows if there will be different pressing plants involved in the release (for example Quality Records in the US, Pallas in Germany etc etc...) ?
  8. Michael/Hellbar

    200 Gram Re-issued Vinyl

    I do have all the 200 grammers released by Classic Records and the 45 rpm box (which is ridiculously overprized vs the actual sound...). A few years back I took the time to really LISTEN and compare them to the UK originals and up until the new reissues I would choose the 200 gram versions any day apart from the LZ II. The US 'RL' copy is much heavier, not per audiophile standard, but for cheer joy, slightly more ambience and ofcourse DEPTH. It does hiss more but feels more natural and authentic. I have the new reissues but haven't had the time to spin them more than a handful times but so far they do sound terrific, possible even better. .
  9. Michael/Hellbar

    John Bonham drumsticks for sale

    What's your problem ? I have not posted a picture along with my post - the picture you're referring to is my signature nick/photo and appears everytime I post something here which may be confusing but not if you bother to look. Thank you very much.
  10. Michael/Hellbar

    New box sets including unreleased material

    Speaking of Pallas pressing plant; The Celebration Day vinyl box set was pressed at Pallas. However they decided to print the boxes seperately (US/Europe) but the vinyls are the same for both continents. I have a very fine stereo set up with a high end turntable (ProJect, Rotel, Canton, Ortofon 2M black stylus) and can confirm the very high quality pressings they make and I am sure that the reissues will be treated with the same respect.
  11. Michael/Hellbar

    John Bonham drumsticks for sale

    The sticks in this post is NOT the ones for sale (those are from two differerent tours) so please see attached link before posting future comments. This is a link to the BIN auction site: http://www.tradera.com/item/342919/204868482/led-zeppelin-authentic-1977-pair-of-john-bonhams-drumsticks
  12. Michael/Hellbar

    John Bonham drumsticks for sale

    The price for this set of sticks is 2040.00 EUR / 2800.00 USD or 1680.00 GBP or best offer.
  13. Michael/Hellbar

    John Bonham drumsticks for sale

    No I'm not mainly a seller but a die hard collector with extra one pair of Bonhams sticks to sell.
  14. I have decided to let go of one pair (2 sticks) of 110% authentic John Bonham sticks. They are posted online right now at a Swedish auctionsite named Tradera (see link) and all the neccesary information is included in this ad. Serious offers considered. Cheers http://www.tradera.com/item/342919/204868482/led-zeppelin-authentic-1977-pair-of-john-bonhams-drumsticks
  15. I would recommend the 2007 japanese SHM-CD any day IF you have a 2 channel high end stereo set up for PROPER listening. Beware of the counterfiet/bootleg versions found all over Ebay (shipped mainly from any other Asian country than Japan) and buy only from a solid seller. If it's too cheap stay away, they are expensive but worth every penny.