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  1. Yes I know but this seller seems to sell A LOT of fake autos if you look at his feedback...
  2. Nowadays most collectors are very well aware of all fake LZ signatures that plague the US and UK Ebay site. Very rarely does genuine autos turn up for sale - and when they do they sell for serious cash. What is unusual with this auction is the numbers of bids (8) for an obvious FAKE set of JP and RP signatures - seller has even provided photos to back up his provenance but none of them match the actual signed album for sale. Plant doesn't even hold the right marker compared to the 'signature' on the sleeve. This might not be a biggie to some but for us who are into autographs it's devastating for obvious reasons. Check the auction out here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Hand-Signed-Led-Zeppelin-vinyl-Cover-By-Robert-Plant-Jimmy-Page/132916290316?hash=item1ef26da30c:g:hjEAAOSwG49cOfW7
  3. Must be someone who knows about the final photoshoots ?
  4. As far as I know all prior reissues was pressed at Pallas Plant in germany and exported to the US and possible Japan as well. Each region had their own boxes made and in some cases slightly different labels but the actual vinyls were all pressed in Germany.
  5. just realized that there's a Japanese The Complete BBC Session deluxe box set and was wondering if anyone can tell if it is an exclusive japaese pressing or vinyls imported ? The box seems to be printed in Japan with the usual Obi strip. I seem to recall someone stating that the actual plating and pressing is done by Pallas Plant for worldwide distribution (USA/EU/Japan).
  6. I payed more than that for my copy but that was almost immediately after release.
  7. Returned my 3 boxes to Amazon UK and re ordered through a local dealer in Los Angeles. I opened up all 3 of them and the # span from 002500 up till late 29000.
  8. Got my boxes a week ago and regarding the 'IV' none of them was numbered. I pre ordered the minute after they went online through Amazon UK and bought one copy in a local store. It seems like all numbered copies ended up in the US.
  9. Oddly enough I started to collect Zep very ´late´, having spent years of trying to complete my then enormous collection of KISS vinyls and memorabilia. I was for many years content with the music but somewhere around 2005 I decided to ´track´ down all the UK originals on the vinyl format with all odd variations. misprints and such. I decided to go for the absolute pristine copies that were for sale, never to be content with an excellent copy, all records, labels and sleeves had to be as close to mint as possible. This is for all you collectors out there a hell of a task but after a few years - and shitloads of cash - I had my top copies and they still amaze me everytime I bring them out. Through this experience I came across some very friendly and serious Zep fanatics, a lot of knowledge later I believe myself to be quite an expert on all the variations, pressings and oddities that comes with collecting UK Zep vinyls on the so called Red/Plum Polydor label. For some of the copies I have payed ridiculous sums but then again VERY, VERY few untouched, unplayed copies are out there so paying 2000.00 GBP for a UK pressed LZ II with the original lighter brown shade of gatefold sleeve with the Livin´Lovin´Wreck missprint on labels is in my opinion a future investment. There are not many of us that are willing to spend that kind of money, most are satisfied with lesser quality copies and I do respect that. Money can´t buy everything and finding these pristine gems is such a joy, this constant search and battling against time, other collectors and your wallet. In my collection I have all the UK originals (incl ALL variations and missprints) in absolute top notch nick. These are locked up in and stored in climate controlled enviroment. I also own several test pressings including the LZ I with Atlantic Recording white labels and typed titles. When it comes to US releases I still have a few variations to collect but I do have top notch copies of the 1st brown/pink Atco release as well as the LZ II with Robert Ludwig Hot master mix. I have all the 1st pressings sealed without cut outs as well as some odd US singles. I also have the infamous 7" UK promo ´Whole Lotta...´as well as a few more withdrawn UK singles and testpressings. Being as Swede I have the three first 7" singles in perfect condition. I picked up the TSRTS white vinyl box set last year for a bargain as well as the BBC Sessions box set both on testpress and stock. I have even managed to obtain several John Bonham drum sticks during the years as well as original concert posters from Sweden and the UK. I do have a lot up for trade so if you have anything pristine - and I do mean top notch - I am willing to trade or sell top quality zep stuff. I have uploaded from my personal collection a picture of two different genuine JB sticks, the first one was used at the 1977 show at The Myriad, Ohio (bottom) and the other one is believed to date from the 1979/1980 tours (top). Any questions regarding Red/Plum releases will be answered as well. Cheers/Mike Stockholm, Sweden
  10. Easiest way is to check label for misprinted songtitle 'Livin' Lovin' Wreck' instead of the correct '...Maid'. All first UK pressings is on the Red/Plum Polydor label. First press matrix is A2/B2. Sleeve should be unlaminated and lighter brown (later ones is mid or darker brown). Pristine copies on ebay sell for 500.00 GBP+, a good playing copy around 100.00 GBP. Cheers.

  11. how can i tell if zeppelin 11 is a first vinyl preesing ken

  12. How can i tell if my led zeppelin 11 is a first pessing vynil

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