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  1. drowan

    Live at Carnegie Hall, October 17th 1969

    bcarter690: It has now been a little over three months since Sam Rapallo and other such as yourself urged me to post my B&W photos of the Carnegie Hall concert for all to enjoy. I've been overwhelmed by the LZ community response. The photos have received over 5,000 visits and more than 125 comments during this relatively brief 90 day period. I saw your comments contributed in February 2018 as well. I hope this has lived up to your expectations of trying to uncover more visual evidence from that fantastic concert night. If only a bootleg recording would surface...one can at least dream a little! Cheers, DRowan
  2. drowan

    JPJ - Early Clippings

    Here's the original 11/1/69 Cash Box review of the 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall concert by Associate Editor, Bruce Harris:
  3. Agreed, hard to understand. But Bruce Harris at Cash Box magazine definitely got it right. [For those die hard fans who love to read the original Cash Box material, much of it is now scanned and online at the William & Mary College (VA) library of digitized media.] The link to the November 1, 1969 scanned issue of Cash Box magazine with the 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall concert review on page 26 by Bruce Harris ("b.h.") is below: https://digitalarchive.wm.edu/handle/10288/17215 Click on the "Thumbnail view" which includes page 26. Enjoy!
  4. Remember also that Bruce Harris (Cash Box), Chris Welch (Melody Maker) and many others saw the talent, energy and excitement of Led Zeppelin's concerts and albums and clearly got it right!!
  5. Though we should never forget that John Mendelsohn got it so wrong in Rolling Stone Magazine, there are other astute critics that got it right! Let's credit Cash Box Associate Editor, Bruce Harris, for getting it completely right in his review of the Carnegie Hall 10/17/69 concert in the November 1, 1969 issue of Cash Box (page 26) in the "Talent on Stage" review: Love the closing line of his review: "Led Zeppelin has landed!"
  6. Announcement in the October 25, 1969 issue of Cash Box about the huge "pre-sale" order of Led Zeppelin II (exceeding $1 mm!) published the week of the Led Zeppelin concert at Carnegie Hall:
  7. For those who are mystified how Rolling Stone Magazine could get their reviews of Led Zeppelin's first and second albums so wrong, you should read this July 14, 2014 Reel Harmonies article: https://reelharmonies.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/the-top-15-bullshit-album-reviews-rolling-stone-magazine-had-the-balls-to-publish-3/ As a parting thought, here's a funny anecdote about some of Zeppelin's tension with RS captured in 2014 by Reddit: "I loved the later story: when a freelancer for Rolling Stone went to interview them much later, Page asked they guy why they should be doing this, given the way Rolling Stone feels about them. The reporter says, "when I used to work at a record store the running joke was that if you bought every album Rolling Stone thought was good you would have the worst record collection on the planet." They all cracked up and did the interview."
  8. This looks like the original photo (courtesy of Rhino) that was effectively "solarized" to produce the October 1969 Carnegie Hall promotion poster and advertising:
  9. As noted by Tom Hawking in the November 12, 2012 issue of Flavorwire, after John Mendelsohn's highly critical if not brutal review of Led Zeppelin's first album, he basically refused to talk to the magazine's writers for the next decade:
  10. Here's a quality, no-hype video recording of Zeppelin done by Danmark Radio broadcasting from 1969 to give you a little sense of the music presentation at Carnegie Hall (minus the intense frenzy of the crowd and the high impact setting of Carnegie's famous hall):
  11. Here's a fascinating 1969 music video "collage" of Led Zeppelin called Travelling Reverside Blues that includes video clips of the band during its travels across the US (including a few shots of NYC) during that transformational year: https://archive.org/details/LED_ZEPPELIN_Travelling_Reverside_Blues_1969 This helps put the October 1969 Carnegie Hall concert into a visual and spritiual context!
  12. In the December 27, 1969 issue of Cash Box, the magazine published a list of the top artists of 1969. The article interestingly, focused more on Jimmy Page's roots and background as a musician formerly with the Yardbirds, than the unique and powerful sound of Zeppelin and the manner in which the band captured the interest of rock music fans across the US and in Europe.
  13. According to the December 27, 1969 issue of Cash Box (page 13), a little over two months after the Carnegie Hall concert, Led Zeppelin's first album went Platinum and Led Zeppelin II went Gold:
  14. This brief article from the October 18, 1969 issue of Cash Box (page 28) provides a little insight on Zeppelin's high energy impact that was soon to unfold as the band was to return to the US in the Fall of 1969, starting with the Carnegie Hall concert on October 17:
  15. I believe Bruce Harris ("b.h."), Associate Editor of Cash Box, was the music critic who wrote this review of the Led Zeppelin Concert at Carnegie Hall in October 1969: