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  1. I don't really find Sarah that attractive. Better than Margaret Thatcher, but, it makes it worse that I can't stand her politics.
  2. Here, try some of these, and yeah there's alot of different current stuff out there. Just dig. It sure beats the garden variety I see listed so often. arcade fire- neon bible julian cope- you gotta problem with me 180dgs- ..to the future 180dgs play the music of negativland jesu- pale sketches nick cave /warren ellis- the assassination of jesse james.... (o.s.t.) dinosaur jr- beyond the fall- post reformation TLC explosions in the sky- all of a sudden i miss everyone turbo fruits- turbo fruits to kill a petty bourgeoisie- the patron black dice- load blown rhys chatham- a crimson grail von sudenfed- tromatic reflexxions 65 days of static- the deconstruction of small ideas holy fuck- holy fuck original silence- the first original silence pj harvey- white chalk amiina- kurr beirut- the flying club cup sigur ros- hvarf / heim the white stripes- icky thump sightings- through the panama radiohead- in rainbows panda bear- person pitch six organs of admittance- shelter from the ash health- health einsturzende neubauten- alles weiner offen jeffrey lewis- 12 crass songs sleeping people- growing merzbow- merzbear xbxrx- wars pram- the moving frontier xiu xiu / larsen- spicchiology? pissed jeans- hope for men monotract- trueno oscuro !!!- myth takes jesu- conquerer grinderman- grinderman liars- liars numbers- you are now this future of the left- curses qui- loves miracle shellac- excellent italian greyhound ahleuchistastis- even in the midst melt banana- bambis dilemma lcd soundsystem- sound of silver animal collective- strawberry jam the magik markers- boss thurston moore- trees outside the academy battles- mirrored
  3. Just a little bigger, a bit fuzzier.
  4. You can go one day and relax then the next go for some action! Same beach, placid for your unwinding to a furious exciting shorebreak for me! Relax? To hell with that. Not for the squimish. Listen to the thunder!
  5. Let Iran continue to develop Nukes, then launch a few. Israel and the US's counterattacks might be enough to create a nuclear winter. If only the mushroom clouds could proliferate. The US/UN/World community might regret having what it wished for, telling Iran to cool it.
  6. Knowing there is suffering in others. Pitiful, isn't it? Just rewards however has it's satisfaction.
  7. Lets go to some beautiful island and immerse ourselves in a book about some tryst in France while lounging at the resort pool, oblivious to the local color. Of course we will be at an all-inclusive compound taking in the best of local culture and scenery. Dont venture out into the wild, it might be dangerous!!! Maybe we should have just stayed home.
  8. I'll be listening to Hannity's show this afternoon and can't wait for his spin. I don't know why I'm so attracted to his show, but I can't stand the guy. Rush is a pussycat compared to Hannity.
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