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  1. LedZeppe75

    Favorite and/or best Kashmir

    I love 2/12/1975 too. 5/25/1975 is also prety amazing. I guess I really like the 1975 versions the best, a lot of that is attributed to the fact that Jimmy was using his Les Paul still, and I love the tone much more than the Danelectro.
  2. LedZeppe75

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    Without a doubt this is my favorite album of all time, so it would be impossible to pick a favorite. Though, The Crunge isn't exactly one of my favorites, it's still not a bad song. The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Over The Hills And Far Away, and The Ocean are among my favorite songs, so my vote goes to all 4.
  3. LedZeppe75

    Favorite song off of Zeppelin I?

    Impossible to pick! At the moment, I'm gonna say I Can't Quit You Baby, but that could change at any time =]
  4. LedZeppe75

    How the West was won vs. TSRTS (remasterd)

    I think you're a bit mixed up. HTWWW didn't have nearly as much editing as TSRTS.
  5. LedZeppe75

    Jimmy using a Gibson SG on the 1980 tour?

    Well, his double neck technically isn't an SG, it just has the same body style, and I've heard that Jimmy used this SG on the 1980 tour, and Jimmy has used the double neck on every tour since 1971.
  6. LedZeppe75

    R.I.P. BONZO

    RIP Bonzo
  7. I have heard that Jimmy occasinally used an SG on the 1980 tour. Is this true? Does anyone have any photos?
  8. LedZeppe75

    What is the average age here?

  9. LedZeppe75

    My Cover of Ten Years Gone

    Thanks alot, your BIGLY cover is great! very original sounding
  10. LedZeppe75

    How many days of Led Zeppelin?

    Well I'm only 15, so I havn't been listening to them for too long, but I started in very early 2008, and ever since then I've been hooked, so 365 days a year for about 19 months im going to say 578
  11. LedZeppe75

    No Quarter

    I just finished listening to Vancouver 3/19/1975, and I have to say, it might be my favorite Some other versions I love... LA 6/23/1977 Earls Court 5/25/1975 New York 7/28/1973 Seattle 7/17/1977 (Not a great overall show, but it had its moments) Seattle 3/21/1975
  12. LedZeppe75

    My attempt at covering Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

    Thanks magenta
  13. LedZeppe75

    My attempt at covering Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

  14. LedZeppe75

    My attempt at covering Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

    thansk a small part was from a tab at ultimate-guitar.com & the solo was impovised and other parts were figured out by ear