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  1. Yes ... HYE set your kitchen on fire while cooking?
  2. A friend of mine took this one today...(I look a bit tired because I'm after a sleepless night... )
  3. NO, he just won't fit...I can't even imagine him as the the band's vocalist / frontman or whatever you wanna call it...
  4. Thanks for reminding me of this one reids... how could I forget it???
  5. I have to agree on this one... I also really love the drumming on: How Many More Times, Rock & Roll, Whole Lotta Love and When The Levee breaks because these songs really show John's amazing drumming skills, power and his inventive sence of musicality...
  6. Yep (The Lord Of The Rings trilogy...) HYE fell from the top of a playground slide?
  7. Led Zeppelin The Jimi Hendrix Experience Pink Floyd AC/DC Queen
  8. Nope HYE watched TV more than 5 hours in a row?
  9. ^ this one is one of my favorites...he has such a beautiful smile..
  10. Goin' Down Slow - Howlin' Wolf
  11. Thank you for posting these! GOD he is sooooo hot on the second one....
  12. ^ You're welcome... some old screencaps I've made...
  13. Lawdy Mama - Eric Clapton
  14. Robert could have been a stand-up artist...he is so funny...
  15. Heaven And Hell - Black Sabbath
  16. Stairway To Heaven -Led Zeppelin
  17. What You'Re Proposing - Status Quo
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