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  1. Finally i have added my Tattoo's after a long time!!! the swan song logo was my very first! The 2nd one is the broken love heart with the notes from Immigrant song coming out of the heart and last year i got the 4 symbols
  2. My link I wanted people's thoughts on Robert's Statement recently, of course this has saddened me as i wasnt fortunate enough to go to the 2007 gig at the 02, despite living around 20 minutes from the 02 arena... the price was crazy! I for one have always dreamt on seeing Zeppelin live... Will this change??
  3. Happy 2011 everyone! may we hear some great news about Zeppelin this year! fingers crossed

  4. The Led Zeppelin dvd was the first thing to ever get me into Zeppelin! the first time i watched the royal albert hall concert was the very second i fell in love with the band! the second disc is also amazing! some of the best songs i've heard and seen live by my favourite band ever
  5. I might have answered this previously.. but it has to be The Rain Song, it did start when i listened to it on the song remains the same dvd, just the whole feeling and love the band portray the song just makes me feel like i'm in another world sometimes. Just beautiful! ive always wanted 'these are the seasons on emotion, and like the wind, they rise and fall' as a tattoo.. might have to some stage in my life.
  6. I listened to it on the iplayer website, and i enjoyed it so much! Dave Grohl really knows his Bonzo the whole story itself was just amazing to listen to!
  7. the best line of that whole movie is when Jimmy says 'Oh shit' when they realise that the edge is playing the wrong chords
  8. hopes everyone had a nice christmas

  9. Saw Robert's gig on tv.. made me wish i was there :(

  10. WOW! if he does tour, i will for sure be there! I have missed 2 chances of seeing Robert recently.. I will have my time to see Robert and Jimmy.. I've seen john paul twice
  11. Thank you so very much :D :D x

  12. is thinking of getting another zeppelin tattoo... but what!

  13. I really liked that shame you guys are alll the way in boston...if you are ever in london i would stop by good luck guys!
  14. I grew up in the 90's... so kind of listened to the same stuff as i was quite young... nirvana we're my fav band until i found zeppelin, REM whom i loooooove so much to this day, RHCP's. i have gone blank... but i found zeppelin in the very very late 90's
  15. Pretty much all the albums apart from 4, which seems to be 'everyone's' favourite because of stairway. I did start with 4.. only becasue it was the most recommended... but amazingly enough.. it isnt my fav zeppelin album. Houses of the Holy is so to sum up... all of them apart from 4 haha!
  16. The Rain song has been my Fav Zep song ever since i saw the song remains the same and when i heard it on HOTH, i just was in love! and its my fav zep song to this day
  17. Thank you so much for your reply, And im glad im not the only one who has had this band help them through some bad times I have been here a while but for some reason never saw this meet and greet section but i'm glad i have now done it and look forward to talking to many more Zeppelin fans such as me
  18. he never really had it.... but amazing singer
  19. Well i would like to introduce myself as Ameena I'm a massive massive zeppelin fan and have been for the past 10 years, its typical to say that the band have helped me through some bad time.. but it is true and i'm sure alot of people on here would understand me I have 3 zeppelin tats and love them to pieces!! i have the 4 symbols, the swan song and the musical notes to Immirgrant song Any questions feel free to ask
  20. missing Robert live really hurt my soul :(

  21. missing Robert live really hurt my soul :(

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