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  1. Happy 2011 everyone! may we hear some great news about Zeppelin this year! fingers crossed

  2. hopes everyone had a nice christmas

  3. Saw Robert's gig on tv.. made me wish i was there :(

  4. Thank you so very much :D :D x

  5. is thinking of getting another zeppelin tattoo... but what!

  6. I grew up in the 90's... so kind of listened to the same stuff as i was quite young... nirvana we're my fav band until i found zeppelin, REM whom i loooooove so much to this day, RHCP's. i have gone blank... but i found zeppelin in the very very late 90's
  7. The Rain song has been my Fav Zep song ever since i saw the song remains the same and when i heard it on HOTH, i just was in love! and its my fav zep song to this day
  8. missing Robert live really hurt my soul :(

  9. missing Robert live really hurt my soul :(

  10. after seeing John Paul last night... my life is nearly complete..watch out Jimmy and Robert

  11. i saw the spirit with my boyfriend last week and i thought it was ammmazing!!! i havent read the comics yet.. although i am a huuge comic book fan. the style is of sin city but is totally differnt from that! i urge people to see it.. its also a dark comedy and has a kind of a good cast :-D
  12. oooh i dont have a pic but next time i go there i would defiantly take a pic!!!
  13. near hammersmith apollo, they have the 4 symbols on the floor engraved there... i was quite shocked that they we're there..but also that people could walk over them!! madness lol but i love them!!
  14. no-one!!!! plant is the man and the legend!! no-one can do the same vocal's as him in any way shape or form!!!!
  15. recently i saw R.E.M in concert at Twickenham stadium and it was on eof the best gig's of my life!!!! ive loved R.E.M for most of my life and seeing them was a dream come true!!! i knew litrally every song and was on my feet non-stop!!!!
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