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  1. Charlotte Sometimes

    Ask Jimmy Page One (1) Question...

    "Please, for the love of all that is unholy, what does Zoso mean?! How about just a hint?" Followed by: "Wanna grab a pint?"
  2. Charlotte Sometimes

    "It Might Get Loud" - USA Schedule

    Today Spin posted an adorable clip of Jimmy listening to records from the movie: http://www.spinmagazine.com/articles/exclu...-might-get-loud
  3. Charlotte Sometimes

    A little more from JP

    I'm sure it was a joke.
  4. Charlotte Sometimes

    Most powerful scenes in movie history.

    Good one! For me, from the Trilogy, nothing beats Darth Vader hurling the Emperor into the abyss to save Luke.
  5. Charlotte Sometimes

    What's your zodiac sign?

    Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rising and year of the Rabbit.
  6. Charlotte Sometimes

    Michael Jackson in hospital

    Giving a pic of yourself in an oxygen chamber to the press with the caveat that the word "bizarre" be included in the story seems like creating publicity to me, and definitely in the Barnum mode. But, yes, the "bubble" existence he had was debilitating from childhood. I'm sure life with an abusive parent didn't help matters either.
  7. Charlotte Sometimes


    Three double rum and Cokes @ dinner (it's been a shit week). Now, water.
  8. Charlotte Sometimes

    Michael Jackson in hospital

    If you weren't around or old enough in the early/mid-80s, then it probably is difficult to realize what a phenomenon M.J. was. All many people know about him are the stories of the last decade in the tabloids. But, back then, it was difficult to find someone who wasn't a Michael fan. Young, old, black, white, yellow, blue whatever...EVERYONE was blown away. The Motown special, the premiere of the Thriller video...those were huge moments in my childhood. I had never seen anyone dance or move like that, haven't since, and never will again. And, as a singer, he was equally gifted. If you don't believe me, just try singing a Michael song. Any one of them! And I'm not talking just in the car, but on one of those games, like SingStar where you actually have to "sort of" hit the notes. Good luck! He was one of a kind, and I mean that in the GOOD sense of the phrase. Also, an interesting thing to keep in mind is that Michael was a great admirer of P.T. Barnum, who used eccentricity as a publicity tool. I think M.J. may have went to far with that idea and it backfired...well..at least when it comes to those who believe everything they read. Anyway, I will miss him and his talent. Gone too soon, like so many of the greats. It's a shame.
  9. Charlotte Sometimes

    What Are You Reading?

    @ DzlDoc I heard the plot in that one was pretty convoluted.
  10. Charlotte Sometimes

    What Are You Reading?

    "Fool" by Christopher Moore. King Lear, but written Monty Python style. Pretty damn funny. One of the towns is called BongWater Crash.
  11. Charlotte Sometimes


    Especially when there are hundreds of other specializations categorized by the word "occult," not just Satanism, but hey let's pick the one that sounds the worst, shall we? Ignorance. Pick up a book every now and again maybe?
  12. Charlotte Sometimes

    Are the 00's the best time to be a Zep Head

    Yeah, that would be pretty cool...but then...I don't really wanna be any older than I already am. Just think of it this way, when you're older the young 'uns will be green with envy because you saw some band they love in their heyday. I get that all the time from kids about bands I saw in the 80s and 90s...and that wasn't even that long ago. Well, not to me anyway.
  13. Charlotte Sometimes

    Condoleezza Rice Loves Led Zeppelin?

    Hmm...I may have to reconsider and elevate Condi's coolness rating....
  14. Charlotte Sometimes

    It Might Get Loud release date

    FINALLY! I can't wait to see this!
  15. Charlotte Sometimes

    Ross's Diary

    It's all Ross's fault. He was late. HA. And you just got that *in STEREO*