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  1. I'd like to say, I've been to several "jam-band" concerts. I enjoyed each very much. In particular, I saw the Grateful Dead toward the end of their existence. I sat in the taper section just slightly above the floor level directly in front of the band back about 100 feet or so. Security actually kept the people out of the aisles for the most part and I didn't see any ruckus or uncontrollable behavior. The section I was in was very quiet (tapers deluxe) so the dynamics of the band that night were easily absorbed. Jerry was tender, he played like he knew his time was near the end. Emot
  2. Make something up that's mexican and relates to Led Zeppelin.
  3. ^ yeah, like the pictures I posted above ninelives post.
  4. These might pass for the "lost in the moment" twiriling, sorta.
  5. 'Scuse my omission, I meant to add Jimi played on Oahu 3 days is a row in the summer of 1969 as well.
  6. He played there ? Maybe, I suppose the Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell could have been a source of inspiraton for the name of the film but seeing as how the concert was in Hawaii, on Maui (shot mostly at the Rainbow Bridge Occult Meditation Center on Maui), I'd say the inspiration came from this: There's a Rainbow Bridge in Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii (leading out of town toward the famous six-mile surf area called the "North Shore" and Jimi (who was enamored with the islands) played Honolulu (on Oahu) in '68 and on August 1, 1970 2 days after the July 30th filming on Maui. One of his
  7. Yeah, and you know, when you like a band and say, "Wow, they jam", that's just meaning you like their sound, not that they're jamming (like an extended improv). So the term can be ambiguous. I was just reading and "The Flaming Lips" were included in a 'jamband' listing. I personally don't consider them in that sub-genre. They may play at those festivals, but for my definition they don't fall into those parameters. To each their own in respect to that. Now would I put a jazz band in there ? Sometimes I would if they fall into that 'hippie groove'. I can't pinpoint that other than the
  8. Perfect ! If only you could spin your Longplayers.... Believe it or not, back in the 70s I had a friend hook up a regular turntable to his car stereo system. He did it mainly for when we were just hanging out in a park or some offbeat area, but he played it ! I wish I could remember exactly how he did it, but it worked !! I agree too, vinyl has the VERY BEST sound next to the master tape for a medium to listen to.
  9. It's a term like 'classic rock'. It's made up. Seems most people that are passionate about popular music, older rock etc. will have an idea of bands under these type of groupings. First thing that may come to mind with 'classic rock' is the FM top 40 of the 70s like Aerosmith, Zep, Fleetwood Mac, on and on. For 'jam bands', you get The Greatful Dead and Allman's (from the old school for instance) and then Widespread, Gov't Mule, String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, The Slip, Phish..and on and on, the nuevo 'hippie' twirling bands. You could lump any band you want in this subgenre's
  10. Thank you kindly, but I'm just a humble houndog.
  11. I stick to cd's too. But I do digitally extract the songs for flash drives and external harddrives. I don't compress at all, I don't even convert to lossless flac, but will download lossless flac files and convert to WAV. There is no quality or data loss with flac. You can even play flac files and not convert. I occasionally convert a WAV file song to mp3 for people to sample. The files go much quicker through the internet that way. Samples only though.
  12. They distract me if they're in my view. I don't care how people want to get into their music, I just don't like sound or visual distractions. To me, it's the same as people singing at a show. I don't go to hear them singing. I want an undiluted experience ALL coming from the stage. If it's a band I don't really get into I could care less, but those I do...don't bother me, please.
  13. I don't have an iPod, but I believe if you don't set the preferences, it will compress them into there m4a file. It's similar to a 128kbps mp3 but better sounding. It's got more of the characteristic sound of a 192kbps file which is still measly compared to 1411kbps that you get with no compression from a cd. If you MUST compress, do it at 320kbps so you get the beefiest mp3 file. You can set the preferences to full WAV file too. Not exactly sure what iPod calls their lossless files.... This is to the best of my knowledge and may be different from your experience with your iPod and shu
  14. Medeski, Martin and Wood might be grouped with a 'jam-band', but they're progressive jazz and kick ass musician's. They don't bore me at all. I didn't see any twirlers at their gig either, thank god. People were actually paying attention listening to their intricacies, not off on some other planet oblivious to how well and what was being played.
  15. Lots of new car players have those USB slots. You can put WAV or (dread) mp3's on those thumbdrives and play your music from those. The thumbdrives come in up to 32 gigabite sizes which is enormous, but I use the 1,2,4 and 8gb ones. For instance you can transfer your cd without compression on them and get ~ 1 1/2 hours per gigabite. That's alot. So multiply that by say, a 4 gb drive, that's 6 hours of uncompressed music that can be deleted and reloaded at anytime from your computer. A good Sandisk 4gb unit goes on sale all the time for less than $15. Think about it. Just keep every cd
  16. It should. Only a stone's throw from Sugarhouse.
  17. Utah's avalanche experts control the slopes. When the snow is so dry it doesn't stick great to VERTICAL slopes..but we, ooops, Utahn's get some heavier snow on occasion and that WILL stick. Believe me, the Cottonwood Canyons have as steep of terrain as anywhere...Alaska, Jackson Hole, wherever. There in NO better skiing that the Wasatch of Utah IN THE WORLD. You don't ski ON the snow, like you would on that Sierra Cement, you ski IN THE SNOW, it's so much drier and the density is so low, sometimes only 3% moisture content. Across the street from the Alta parking lot is Mt. Super
  18. This is the best Phish product I've ever had.
  19. Don't tell me that newest Zep soundboard won't play in your car !!!! Damn man ! I've NEVER had a problem with my pressed cd's or burnt cdr's. I've NEVER had one go bad and I've been burning for nearly 10 years and collecting the store bought ones for over 20 years...NEVER had one go bad..or ROT. I take meticulous care of them them too though...never in the sun or heat or left out of their case. No fingerprints or scratches ..nothing. Unless maybe you're talking about another friend, then nevermind.
  20. Alright. I don't like that "Frampton Comes Alive", but I do like his Humble Pie music and this solo album from 1973 It has some of the studio recordings of what made 'Comes Alive' what it was. I DO like the music, I just really hated the hoopla and the sugary sweet songs like "Baby I love your way" and "Show me whatever it was". That picture just made me puke to high heaven seeing it EVERYWHERE in 1976. BARF !!!
  21. What would the bandname be ? Ledino Zeppelopez ? Or the Los Quaatro's de Mariachi Escandinavos ?
  22. You could always put your music on flash drives and get a player for your car that has a USB input. Get and 8gb drive and that would be about the equivalent of 10-12 regulars cd's of uncompressed WAV files. The drive is smaller than your thumb.
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