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  1. You're a rare one in your appreciation for vinyl. I certainly know of kids who enjoy it, but it's the vast minority. About the video games...in my experience of being around youth, mainly kids of friends at their house, I notice this. I rarely see them listening to music for just the sake, it's nearly always coming from their PS2 or Xbox while playing their video games. That's where I get my idea. Plus the statistics bear that out, video games have become the biggest sellers in home entertanment whereas in the past it's been records, cassettes, eight-tracks and cd's. There are many ci
  2. Speaking of "I Wanna Be Your Dog", I have a excellent audience recording of Ron Asheton guesting with Sonic Youth for the encore of IWBYD. Golly gee, and look where they're playing...Pontiac, a Detroit suburb. SET LIST NOTES: Teenage Riot Free City Rhymes Brother James Tom Violence Nevermind (What Was It Anyway) Side2Side Sunday Renegade Princess Kool Thing NYC Ghosts & Flowers -- I Wanna Be Yr Dog NOTES: Ron Asheton of Stooges fame played guitar on a 15-minute version of "I Wanna Be Yr Dog"
  3. Oh Lodi, put a spell on you down on the corner. The traveling band picked up a sweet hitchhiker, Suzie Q, as I heard it through the grapevine. There was a commotion as proud Mary said The nightime is the rightime to keep on chooglin'. The fortunate son who was born on the bayou got him a midnight special up around the bend. Hey Tonight he wasn't feelin' blue as he watched the bad moon rising. Good golly miss Molly, have you ever seen the rain? It came out of the sky for ninety-nine and a half hours, then the workin man had to walk on the water ot Porterville to catch the graveyard train
  4. Well that was 1998, and of all the shows I've seen since then (and before), I haven't paid more than that.
  5. Wow ! So Linda McCartney, she was Linda Eastman at the time, must've seen one of the rare shows where Jimmy and Jeff Beck both played guitar. I wonder. And I'm curious about the McCartney part. Was this photo not published till she'd married Paul ? Anyone know it's first publication date ?
  6. I might've kicked the jukebox to get that sucky song to quit playing, but it's not worth fighting a person over. I'd say they were overly passionate music lovers who hated Jimmy Buffet and took it out on some poor dude. Maybe he put in lots of quarters to play it over and over. In that case, I understand someone letting off some steam toward him. One person's sweet melody is another's noise pollution. Lopez should've just put on "Livin' La Vida Loca" or something like that.
  7. +1 and.. seconded. But I DO understand those who have them and keep them for personal momento's. Their personal appearances will forever be ingrained in my memory. That can't be sold, borrowed, stolen or shared the way I feel it. Each of us has a different attachment to the band, unique to it's own.
  8. Excuse me please for saying you were 'mocking' 3 Dog Night for not writting their own music. Bad terminology by me. I should have just said you 'pointed out', considering their non-writting. I have a recording of that show the GD did that McCartney song. It was truly phenomenal.
  9. ^ Very nice painting there, ocean. Looks like some mangled thread got stuck to Robert's chest though, couldn't you paint over that?
  10. I don't consider them a cover band in definition so to speak, but at some shows 1/3 to 1/2 of their music was interpretations. And that was an excellent characteristic IMO. About the re-interpretations, you're spot on. It's just nice when an artist will acknowledge that to an audience. Most artists do and are humble about it.
  11. I've seen some 'mocking' in the 3 Dog Night thread about them not writing their own material. The Grateful Dead is one of the BIGGEST cover bands when it comes down to it. And I agree, many of their renditions surpass the originals. I love their take on "That Would Be Something" by Paul McCartney. And I was fortunate enough to be at one of their shows when Jerry was alive and they did that. Jerry was outstanding and so delicate in his singing and picking on that number. Very emotional indeed.
  12. It's nearly everyday now. Dammit. Sad to see you go Ron, what a big rockband up in the sky forming. We'll ALL get a reunion someday, imagine that jam!
  13. Hold onto the memories with that rockin' fuckin' album. Topnotch! RIP Ron.
  14. It's safe to assume I won't see you in the park at the weekend 'drum circles' then huh? Don't be caught dead twirling at one of those lest you be mistaken for some kind of nut.
  15. I guess coincidences aren't always that. More like fate. As we talk about Pigpen here, I'm listening to an old doo-wop/oldies compilation and what comes on ? The original "Big Boss Man" by Jimmy Reed that Pigpen used to sing and play harmonica on in concert with The Grateful Dead. Wow !!
  16. I've heard LZ on Rush Limbaugh, Phil Valentine and the Dave Ramsey show too ! My jaw drops each time.
  17. Would any self professed hard rock fan be embarrassed by "Earth Angel" by the Penguins? I have that on now, along with alot of other late 50s/early 60s doo-wop tunes. I listen proudly! Oh goodness, what do I hear now? Why it's "Put your head on my shoulders" by Paul Anka. Look around for ,
  18. Merl Saunders was an extremely friendly, accessible man. He once played a 'rainforest band' gig in my little nook of a neighborhood and freely mingled with the small crowd. I thanked him for taking time to play in the hood. No autograph needed or wanted.
  19. Oh I do. My post is mainly in jest if you coudn't tell. A nice little conversation is what's important to me, the intangible, something that only you have in your soul, not on a piece of paper or album cover. I don't feel the need to show anyone anything, the memories are what's important. A simple nod of acknowlegement is satisfaction enough when I happen to meet a rockstar.
  20. In Pigpen's latter years with the band, some of his keyboard parts were overdubbed by the recently passed Merl Saunders. Pigpen's health declined rapidly and unfortunately his keyboard prowess suffered as well. But his spirit at the shows was a force to be reckoned with, and his absence was a blow to the band for sure. I enjoyed his vocals and harmonica work as much as his keyboard playing. Tom Constanten was spacy, too bad he didnt remain with them after 1970 or so.
  21. That was quick! When will the others line up?
  22. Well that attitude should be highly welcomed by those here who admonish the drive by gawkers of rock stars homes. I wonder if we'll see the same praise heaped upon Jimmy and Robert for wanting to maintain their privacy amongst autograph seeking fans from those who reject the fan drive-by's? Hard to tell the stalkers from the 'just wanting to be friendly types'. You can't be too reclusive in this day and age of hyper fandom. Where are the supporters of this?
  23. ....and we can be playing in the band !! BTW, I just got back from Illinois.
  24. gadgetguru


    2008 was a year that I faced incredible traumatic consequences and perceviered. The effects lasted quite sometime, but I made it out of it intact and strengthened my spirit as the year went by. To know such downs truly makes one appreciate the highs. Afterall we could be like Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith or Mitch Mitchell and not be here to have HOPE. In life, that's what springs eternal, the chance for better times. 2009 can bring that for everyone who is still breathing.
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