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  1. working on a new album and EP with psychedelic rockers Sunny Pompeii (http://sunnypompeii.com)!

  2. Doing my best Pete Townshend impersonation at the Experience Music Project in Seattle: I highly recommend rock n' roll fans visit the EMP, it's a wonderful place.
  3. "Another One Bites The Dust" - Queen
  4. Pineapple Rhodes or Wurlitzer?
  5. Me doing my best Pete Townshend impersonation:
  6. During the 2010 Winter Olympics: Did any of you attend?
  7. Ledhead is good, it sounds like Deadhead.
  8. loves Led Zeppelin.

  9. "Love Me Two Times" – The Doors
  10. I think Jimmy used DGDGBE for In My Time of Dying when they played live.
  11. I like "The Ocean" of course, but we'd still need a name for one Zeppelin fan ...
  12. Grateful Dead fans are known as Deadheads, is there any equivalent term for Led Zeppelin fans? If not, we should choose one. Zepheads, maybe?
  13. I had posted a picture of that same kit quite a long time ago. I think someone determined that he'd never played it live.
  14. Rockin' my HotH shirt with my Zeppelin shrine in the background!
  15. You should grow out your moustache to something more Zappa-esque!
  16. I may be listening to some Zep here ...
  17. Somebody created this knife design for the indie fighting game Lugaru:
  18. Music is much more important than style. She could at least wear a girls' Zeppelin shirt.
  19. On the contrary, I think he looks better than the celebrities who desperately to look young with botox and surgery.
  20. It's "Paint It, Black"! Anyway ... "Black Mirror" - The Arcade Fire
  21. I saw that too. On the Canadian student game show Reach for the Top, they once had a full category for Led Zeppelin (I was playing at the time).
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