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  1. (in London Heathrow) (Province of Ontario logo) Post your own!
  2. Look at the comment near the top for this YouTube video (the one by omarmorek):
  3. working on a new album and EP with psychedelic rockers Sunny Pompeii (http://sunnypompeii.com)!

  4. marmorek

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Doing my best Pete Townshend impersonation at the Experience Music Project in Seattle: I highly recommend rock n' roll fans visit the EMP, it's a wonderful place.
  5. marmorek

    Name for Zeppelin fans?

    Grateful Dead fans are known as Deadheads, is there any equivalent term for Led Zeppelin fans? If not, we should choose one. Zepheads, maybe?
  6. marmorek

    Carlos Santana to cover Led Zeppelin on new album

  7. marmorek

    Song Name Game

    "Another One Bites The Dust" - Queen
  8. marmorek

    This or That

    Pineapple Rhodes or Wurlitzer?
  9. marmorek

    Word association

    Franklin's Tower!
  10. marmorek

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Me doing my best Pete Townshend impersonation:
  11. marmorek

    Getting the Key to Songs

    Both songs are in E and use a blues scale.
  12. marmorek

    Roger Daltrey Wants To Form Band With Jimmy Page

    I didn't respect the Dixie Chicks until they got into politics. Where has music gone if we no longer protest against unjust wars?
  13. besides ally, of course!
  14. marmorek

    Anyone else from Vancouver here?

    It's never too late to return. Hopefully the housing market will cool down eventually, but there are always a few good deals to be found if you look hard enough. I suggest looking in the East Side, because many neighbourhoods there are improving a lot.
  15. marmorek

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    During the 2010 Winter Olympics: Did any of you attend?
  16. marmorek

    Owner aims to bulldoze Earls Court after Olympics

    Perhaps Jimmy (and maybe even Robert, John and Jason) could bid it farewell with a final run of concerts.
  17. marmorek

    Jimmy Page Intends to Play New Material Live in 2010

    Page definitely won't play to a backing track.
  18. marmorek

    A big project?

    Yes, but that's the most promising Page-related news we've heard in quite a while.
  19. I made this amusing visualization at wordle.net: The size of each word is dependent on how often it occurs in the lyrics of Led Zeppelin's entire catalogue, excluding very commonly used English words (the, a, and, etc.).
  20. I got the lyrics from here: http://www.angelfire.com/nm/zeppelin/
  21. marmorek

    Easy allman bros. tunes

    That is the wonderfully talented Warren Haynes (also lead guitarist for Gov't Mule and The Dead). I saw him perform with both The Allman Brothers and The Dead at the Gorge back in May. He played for a total of about five hours!
  22. marmorek

    Name for Zeppelin fans?

    Ledhead is good, it sounds like Deadhead.
  23. This is quite an interesting discovery! These scans are from the 1970 yearbook of Eric Hamber Secondary School in Vancouver, BC. I got them from a friend of my mom's friend. I'm not sure if she was at the show or not, but she probably knows someone who was. I will keep all of you updated if I find out more. It's quite likely that there was a typo in the yearbook and the show actually occurred on March 21st, 1970, as Led Zeppelin did play a show at Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum on that evening. Could this show have happened? What do you guys think? My brother went to the same school many years later, so I've seen the auditorium many times. It seems a bit too hard to tell where this photo was taken, though. I can try to find a reference photo of the auditorium, if you'd like.
  24. marmorek

    Undiscovered Vancouver afternoon show? (1970)

    It'd be pretty hard to throw the Hamer auditorium chairs around ... they're attached to the floor! But I'm sure Ally could've done it ...