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  1. LOL very funny post thanks for the giggle

  2. Do I think it was a domestic dispute and there is much more to the story?.......yes Do I care about it? Not really, apart from seeing the mighty take a fall there is nothing of interest
  3. Only thing bad about that game is they both can't lose
  4. If I had to pick just one it'd have to be no quarter from TSRTS, although the one in stairway from the movie is great too. Most of his solos are brilliant(when he was on his game,but I've also heard some bootlegs that I really wish I hadn't listened to)
  5. Re:teeth You have to remember that those guys grew up in post war England, alot of things we take for granted now just were not available. The US exported boatloads of jam(lol and spam) to England after the war, long shelf life, high in calories and full of sugar(exactly what a population rebuilding a country needs) I've always loved the TSRTS, it was a ritual at the midnight movies when I was a teenager
  6. One thing you may want to try is find the notes in those "safe blues boxes" ascending on single strings(try to think of the scales in a linear fashion as well as horizontal), if nothing else it might get you out of the rut that playing nothing but pos.1 minor pentatonics will put you in. Of course I really advocate throwing all the scale patterns away and learn the circle of fifths, scale construction and where the notes are, if you know which notes to play and where they are you can play any scale anywhere on the neck, whereas if I ask one of my students(former students I should say, got too
  7. no experience with that particular model, but based on my experience with other amps they make it's probably a beast
  8. oh that's clever, I suggest that the exhaust from your motorcycle is more harmful to people and the environment than the smoke from the 9 or 10 cigarettes I smoke a day...but I really don't care(look at what one volcanic eruption belches into the atmosphere..or drive by a refinery some time) pretty much everything contributes to pollution, and isn't good for your health...so fucking what?
  9. Why don't you tell us what you really think?
  10. the ruins of what had been......
  11. We agree on something, now where is that common thread?, it was here a minute ago..........
  12. well that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, might be amusing to a 6 year old is about all I can say about it. All I know for certain is that she had info on a Page appearance well in advance of you, I think everyone can agree on that. trying to insinuate that that exchange was anything more than yet another attempt to flirt with that girl is really, really pathetic
  13. scooped by a pretty girl so much for having "inside information" I can use google too
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