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  1. If I had to pick just one it'd have to be no quarter from TSRTS, although the one in stairway from the movie is great too. Most of his solos are brilliant(when he was on his game,but I've also heard some bootlegs that I really wish I hadn't listened to)
  2. Re:teeth You have to remember that those guys grew up in post war England, alot of things we take for granted now just were not available. The US exported boatloads of jam(lol and spam) to England after the war, long shelf life, high in calories and full of sugar(exactly what a population rebuilding a country needs) I've always loved the TSRTS, it was a ritual at the midnight movies when I was a teenager
  3. poor (every problem on earth can be traced back to rich people) cocaine or heroin?
  4. I had a brush with that kind of thing once. I took a union gig playing guitar on one of those PBS style retrospective oldies things, had frankly never heard of any of the acts. Got a stack of lead sheets in the mail(about 100 songs) 2 weeks before the gig. I think I spent more money tracking down recordings of all these tunes I had never heard(because chord charts don't really tell you much and I wanted to play the songs, not strum open chords all night) than I made playing the show. Got 1 45 min rehearsal 2 hours before showtime with the headliner who proceeded to change the key of every song in his set, "Down a fourth" seemed to be his mantra. Unfortunately it was a recurring theme, out of the dozen or so acts there were maybe 2 that didn't throw at least one key change at us on stage. At the end of the day it was challenging and stressful and in hindsight even fun(although I really didn't think so at the time!). So suffice it to say I have alot of respect for guys that do what you do
  5. waking up with my cat curled up next to me, that makes me happy everyday
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