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Christina Latina

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    That's a very personal question. Things that interest me obviously.
  1. Christina Latina

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I always like his look but I LOVED his look in the 80's as well.
  2. Christina Latina

    Which Jimmy Wardrobe Do You Prefer?

    I'm with Melanie on this one. Jimmy'd look good if he were wearing a potato sack!
  3. Christina Latina


    In both genres, some of it's bad and some of it's good. I like both I consider to be good though.
  4. Christina Latina

    Frontmen Of Rock

    I picked Robert naturally. Then Morrison as a second. I would have chosen Ian Astbury as a second though.
  5. Christina Latina

    False Hopes for a Led Zeppelin 2009 Tour

    Exactly ninelives!
  6. Christina Latina

    Robert's T-shirt (silly fun)

    Diana, I had to come by and see what you were up to! These are both great and hilarious!!! I really love the ones of Pepe Le Pew!!! LOL! Thanks for the great artwork and the laughs!
  7. Christina Latina

    Robert's T-shirt (silly fun)

    Thank you so much Diana! LOL! LOL! There is something so funny about seeing a Starbucks Logo on that shirt to me! LOL! And those Michelangelo ones are pure brilliance! Great work!! And Kudos to you too Roxie! I like the Smurf one!
  8. Christina Latina

    Robert Plant - Official Statement

    Great. Time for some lithium.
  9. Christina Latina

    Robert's T-shirt (silly fun)

    LOL LOL LOL!!!! These are BRILLIANT Diana!!! More please! I know, how about the Starbucks logo?? Actually you're doing fine without me
  10. Christina Latina

    Paul Newman Dies

    So sad. :'( May he rest in peace.
  11. Have yourself the most bitchin' weekend ever.....you hear?

    Love ya!!!


  12. Have a peaceful weekend

  13. I need to pull out the tarot cards and hug a tree

  14. So here we are again. It's always fun having you around!!! :D