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    That's a very personal question. Things that interest me obviously.
  1. I always like his look but I LOVED his look in the 80's as well.
  2. I'm with Melanie on this one. Jimmy'd look good if he were wearing a potato sack!
  3. In both genres, some of it's bad and some of it's good. I like both I consider to be good though.
  4. I picked Robert naturally. Then Morrison as a second. I would have chosen Ian Astbury as a second though.
  5. Diana, I had to come by and see what you were up to! These are both great and hilarious!!! I really love the ones of Pepe Le Pew!!! LOL! Thanks for the great artwork and the laughs!
  6. Thank you so much Diana! LOL! LOL! There is something so funny about seeing a Starbucks Logo on that shirt to me! LOL! And those Michelangelo ones are pure brilliance! Great work!! And Kudos to you too Roxie! I like the Smurf one!
  7. LOL LOL LOL!!!! These are BRILLIANT Diana!!! More please! I know, how about the Starbucks logo?? Actually you're doing fine without me
  8. Have yourself the most bitchin' weekend ever.....you hear?

    Love ya!!!


  9. Have a peaceful weekend

  10. I need to pull out the tarot cards and hug a tree

  11. So here we are again. It's always fun having you around!!! :D

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