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  1. I have not logged on in a while , wondered what in the hell I was reading and have to agree with you Steve, LOL! IF there was anything weird or odd about Zeppelin or it's members you can just blame it on the potted Plants.........
  2. You bet lucky, whoever the chick in this pic is, she's pretty happy, and look where her hand is on Robert's hip. P.S. Mr. Plant , if you ever read this, Baby, if I was her I'd still be hagging on and you could not peel me off, LOL! The man is beautiful in every possible way.
  3. I voted The Rain Song. It's Glorious, heavenly perfection for the ears! My favorite and best on the album. I do love No Quarter though. Not my favorite album though, The best album in my opinion is PG, then III.
  4. I voted GTC. I love everything about it, but I also love WTLB and BOE. Stairway is one of the most beautiful songs of all time, but it's so over played. R&R kicks. So hard to pick, I agree with everyone's vote.
  5. Thanks, Just took a peek. Pictures of the jeans are great, but I'd rather watch him in action, LOL! Second to my hubby, Robert is the hottest man alive.
  6. Thanks Ladies , I really needed that today...everyday! Simply beautiful!
  7. I am new to the Forum, Just wanted to say how much I love this thread , I will be living here with Rob! Sorry, I do not have anything to share, but I will be drooling with the best of you, LOL!!!
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