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  1. Second to Plant, Tyler rocks. I will love him no matter what he does. cannot imagine liking the mix of Zeppelin and Tyler though..... And I could care less if trashy Stern likes Zeppelin or not. If God did not want me to listen to Led Zeppelin, he would not have made them ROCK so hard!
  2. I have thought maybe it was just Robert wanting to distance himself from Zeppelin too, for maybe reasons to do with his bond with John, then I thought if that was the case why perform some of their songs with other people in other projects? I personally think it is because of Jonesy. I think there is a riff there. Jonesy and Robert seem to have a disliking for one another. And don't take me the wrong way I adore and love Robert, and admire the unbeleiveable talent that Jonesy holds, but I think the answer lies a little deeper than just getting away from Zeppelin.
  3. I have not logged on in a while , wondered what in the hell I was reading and have to agree with you Steve, LOL! IF there was anything weird or odd about Zeppelin or it's members you can just blame it on the potted Plants.........
  4. :wub:I say early days cutest, hottest I say around 76-77 when he had a little more meat on his bones. He's smokin' hot no matter the age, still is hot in his jeans. I DROOL watching him in TSRTS movie shaking his thing....
  5. Mr. Plant , if I were not already married to the greatest man and only if Plant was a carpenter and at least 30 years younger, or I was 30 years older.
  6. After reading how he felt about the reunion, I feel so sad. I am sure everything about it was "Heavy" for him, the music, the crowd, old memories of a best friend. T bone Burnett said Robert seemed to channel Boham from the grave when he played some old Zep songs with Alison. Indeed he did, that bond was very strong musically and emotionally. Not only that, Zeppelin days were not all that good, loosing a son ,a best friend and a wife. That's enough to break any person. Gives me chills. I hope Robert finds happiness in whatever he does.
  7. I voted Robert the golden God. Always, no matter his age. Not to say the other members were/are not hot. Robert just does it for me in every way. Jonesy is my second pick, and has aged very , very well.
  8. You bet lucky, whoever the chick in this pic is, she's pretty happy, and look where her hand is on Robert's hip. P.S. Mr. Plant , if you ever read this, Baby, if I was her I'd still be hagging on and you could not peel me off, LOL! The man is beautiful in every possible way.
  9. A few. I was really turned on to the sights and sounds Robert during High school. I remember one kid who was obsessed with LZ, even was trying to grow a golden man (tried). I think it was really my hubby who got me into them. Oddly enough Aerosmith and the Beatles are his favorites, followed by LZ. But my hubby has a buddy who it totally nuts over anything LZ or related.
  10. GTC, but TSRTS Dazed and Confused version referring to the song San Francisco (be sure to wear flowers in your hair). I love it!!! Roberts a hippie, no matter what they say. He always will be. The audience in TSRTS movie tells all. I love that era. I think of Peter, Paul & Mary (ex. Blowin in the Wind) , John Denver (Sunshine on my shoulders) stuff, mostly when I think hippie, folk-ish kind of music. John Lennon & Yoko.
  11. I voted The Rain Song. It's Glorious, heavenly perfection for the ears! My favorite and best on the album. I do love No Quarter though. Not my favorite album though, The best album in my opinion is PG, then III.
  12. I voted GTC. I love everything about it, but I also love WTLB and BOE. Stairway is one of the most beautiful songs of all time, but it's so over played. R&R kicks. So hard to pick, I agree with everyone's vote.
  13. Thanks, Just took a peek. Pictures of the jeans are great, but I'd rather watch him in action, LOL! Second to my hubby, Robert is the hottest man alive.
  14. Hey, not saying Robert does not take command of the stage or he does not have an ego, his presence is enormous, just saying he's not obnoxious like some of my other favorites. Robert is smooth, seems flattered by the "Golden God" title. In other words he does not seem to think he can get away with saying or doing anything just because. He's no Diamond Dave, LOL! And BTW I love Dave, Rob's just different. Am I making sense......?
  15. #1 Robert, without any question second- he's not on the list , Paul Stanley, what a powerful , clear voice Of course you cannot leave Freddy out his voice , wow! Steven Tyler has always been a favorite though. All of the Beatles because every single one of them fronted their own bands with success. Elvis Presley Have lots of frontmen I love, but nobody is like Robert Plant. He's beautiful, he's interesting to watch, has a huge vocal range, he's more humble than other frontmen. Some of my faves are down right obnoxious.
  16. I think the best overall is PG, but someone said start at one and work your way through. That would probably be the best. My first was PG , still the best but I think III is a close tie!
  17. 33 years I never got to see LZ, but I did get to see Robert and Allison. Rob is awesome. The best concert I have ever been to and I've been to a few......
  18. Going to California- LZ Battle of Evermore- LZ Tangerine- LZ Seminole Wind- John Anderson California Dreamin- Mamas & Papas Joanie's Butterfly- Aerosmith Big Log- Robert PLant Rain Song- LZ Imagine- John Lennon While my Guitar gently weeps- Beatles Of course I have spells I go through, but they have been favorites since I heard them, even some when I was just a little girl.
  19. Thanks Ladies , I really needed that today...everyday! Simply beautiful!
  20. I am new to the Forum, Just wanted to say how much I love this thread , I will be living here with Rob! Sorry, I do not have anything to share, but I will be drooling with the best of you, LOL!!!
  21. Hi , I am new here. I wanted to share my opinion on the top 15 songs. My list is not really in order because it is impossible to pick the best one...... 1. Tangerine 2. The Rain Song 3. Ramble On 4. Thank You 5. Since I've been Lovin You 6. In my Time of Dying 7. Ten Years Gone 8. Going to California 9. Misty Mountain Hop 10. Stairway to Heaven 11. In the Evening 12. Battle of Evermore 13. When the Levee Breaks 14. Kashmir 15. All my Love They are my favorites anyway.
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