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  1. Personal use, I'm not planning to post it anywhere Just my friend mentioned it and I wanted to see it
  2. No Robert's not in the pic I'm not sure what year it's from, but there are both Carmen and Karac in the photo, with Maureen
  3. A friend of mine told me of a particular picture of Robert's wife Maureen and the kids watching tv at their house. It's from a newspaper article, in black & white If anyone could be so kind to scan it, we'd be forever grateful Thanks
  4. I haven't posted in this thread in ages! here's 80s Robert for you
  5. It looks like it's taken from some documentary... anyone knows?
  6. Oh it's not Maureen My memory already plays tricks on me
  7. I'm not sure because I've seen it a long time ago. But as you can see from the picture there was someone at his left... And it's probably really Maggie Bell... But you know some fangirls enjoy cropping out the ladies...
  8. I have found this picture of Robert and I'm positive that I've seen it somewhere else and there was Maureen (I think) with him. Anyone has it? Interesting outfit, btw
  9. Gonna add them as attachments because Photobucket is being a pain.
  10. Found this picture today. I believe the one at the right is Robert (it was among a photo gallery of his). Looks like a video still. Anyone has more info/where can I find it? Thanks
  11. his face in the last one...
  12. 'Ello and for fans of older men in eyeliner...
  13. it's been so long since I last came here! how 'bout Robert's tongue to revive the thread?
  14. Indeed I remember you girl!!

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