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  1. I haven't posted in this thread in ages! here's 80s Robert for you
  2. Gonna add them as attachments because Photobucket is being a pain.
  3. Found this picture today. I believe the one at the right is Robert (it was among a photo gallery of his). Looks like a video still. Anyone has more info/where can I find it? Thanks
  4. his face in the last one...
  5. 'Ello and for fans of older men in eyeliner...
  6. it's been so long since I last came here! how 'bout Robert's tongue to revive the thread?
  7. Indeed I remember you girl!!

  8. hey :D thanks for adding me :3

  9. I've always thought he looked like a medieval king nowadays...
  10. he looked so incredibly sexy at the Knebworth show...
  11. Ah that's alright, I forget sometimes too I'd be glad to help you
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