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  1. I was wondering who that lady was that Planty was with! (In the halfstache pic.) I've never heard of Sunny Griffin, but I shall investigate forthwith. He appears to be wearing the same clothes he wore in this pic: And I wanna say this was taken in Europe somewhere... (Denmark?)... in 1971? Oh, and I didn't get that pic of him and his wifey from the FamilyZepp site, but I know which site you're talking about. I try to keep track of where I get some of these pics, but I can't remember where I got that one. If you save the pics I post, I have notes attached to them. Sometimes the URL where I found them. Oftentimes they have goofy tags attached to them, too, and they're sure to weird people out!
  2. My father always told me you couldn't walk on the wing of a plane, and I so wanted to! He musta said it just to keep me off his plane! Cool pic, though, regardless. Here's a question that's probably easily answered, but I need help. Regarding these two shots... I thought for a long time they were from the Gold Record Awards shindig on Dec 11, 1969. But the pics don't quite match with those. Behold: So where's the two earlier ones from? Thank you!
  3. That's what I was gonna say. Did you know that the Statue was regifted, though? It was sposed to go to Egypt, but they couldn't afford it. So the US was their second pick. According to some crap I heard on The History Channel, so who knows how true it is. So thanks for picking us second, France! lol
  4. Yeah, he doesn't seem to be hugging a groupie. She isn't groupie-like, anyway, y'know? She's wearing a big corduroy jacket, not, like, y'know, stupid groupie crap. And from a girl's perspective... if Mr. Plant were feeling affectionate enough to draw your face towards his (with those murderer gloves!,) would you really be pouting and giving him a sorta sideways-hug? That's not a groupie hug. Or it's a groupie in an un-groupie-mood. Plus, most of the pics I've ever seen of Mr. Plant being ornery with groupies usually show him smiling like he ate the canary. 'Cept for that one at Rodney's English Disco, in which case he looks mad. To continue speculating... could he hunker like that after his car accident? That'd put pressure on your ankle for sure. I'll go ahead and blurt out the absurd thing I was thinking, even though I'm 99% sure I'm wrong and have nothing to back this with. Maybe it's his sister. Never seen a pic of her. I think she's quite a few years younger than him, and that sorta looks right in the pic. (He's 28-ish or something, and she looks sorta college-aged.) And I kinda see a resemblance... But I dunno. My brother would never hug me like that. I was gonna google around and see if I could find a pic of her, but I didn't do a very good job because I felt bad searching for her. It seems too nosy. EDIT: Oh! And to help with dating the pic, we gotta remember that phase Mr. Plant went through when he had the bangs in 1976. So this is before or after both his car accident and his bangs period.
  5. I have a wild idea about who she is... I'll do some research... Probably won't find anything, but I'll definitely let you know if I do. You guys probably already know this, but he's at the same place in this pic: I personally would totally have put this in 1975, although the hair length certainly indicates '77. That scarf's familiar, too.... Anybody gotta Retna account? Then maybe we could read the caption better? EDIT: Coulda sworn I'd seen that scarf before, but now I can't find it...
  6. Drat. I thought I'd found something unique! Also, I agree with PlanetPage -- it looks later than 1980. Can anybody gimme sauce on this pic? Who's the lady? Why's she getting so much sugar? And is it just me, or does she look like she's been crying? I found this pic (and a buncha other random ones) whilst pretending to be Russian and loitering about ledzeppelin.ru's message board. Hooray for Россия-Матушка!
  7. He looks SO GOOD now! I mean, he looked good before, but that Viking Bob look works swell. And the gray is awesome. What's that thing he's holding? That's the biggest Roman coin I ever seen. :o :o *biting knuckle* Hrm, I must contribute something... Lemme dig through my Planty stash.... (Click on it to go to the Picasa page... You can see it bigger I think.) I'm sorry, but him and his wife are adorable. All hail the halfstache!
  8. Did anybody ever get back to you about this? I think I might have a clue for ya... Hang on here... Follow this long linky: http://www.photoshot...&IMGID=06881163 Description reads: JIMMY PAGE Member of the the British rock group Led Zeppelin. Date 26.03.1980 Ref CTW111608 COMPULSORY CREDIT Starstock/Photoshot.
  9. c4plant, that pic is hilarious! And saved on my hard drive now. I wish I knew more about it. If I come across any clues, I'll post here directly. In the meantime, I have an easy question -- sorta. 1973. BUT it's alternately listed as being at the Hyatt in Los Angeles and also somewhere in New York City around the time of their Madison Square Garden performance at the end of the tour. Conflicting captions! I wanna put my money on California... Is that right?
  10. He cleans up nice. And it looks like he's about to pinky-swear with someone in this shot: Can't go back on a pinky swear! Ah lurve his missin' tooth.
  11. Did you actually paint those with real paint on a real canvas, Delinha? (As opposed to Photoshopping?) Cuz, dang. Amazing! Cool! I was thinking about making one of your drawings my desktop background at work. They're cute!
  12. I just got your comment! Sorry I'm so late replying; I'm not used to this message board. :D Don't want you to think I'm rude. lol

  13. Hey, I was thieving in the Planty thread and found this scan. The pic in question is cut off on the bottom -- and there's a caption! "...drummer John Bonham poses with a chair in the back garden of his Midlands home." Caption also says it was taken by Zacron. There's different ones at this Zacron linky: http://www.zacron.com/view-item.asp?iid=1042&new=false.
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