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  1. Happy birthday Danielle! How was the honeymoon with Jimmy?

  2. Hi Danielle! Since it's already the 5th of November here in Auckland, here's wishing you a very happy birthday! Hope you have a great one! A person's 16th and 21st birthday is pretty much the most special in my book! :D Cheers! :D

  3. oh my god this question. can i even choose one!? O_O ...well i did. the crunge! WHERE'S THAT CONFOUNDED BRIDGE? <3
  4. bonzo's montreux, one of my favorite songs ever.
  5. it's a pretty good attempt at zeppelin! the voice sounds almost like a late robert... almost. not quite though. but zep or no zep, i kind of like the sound of this!
  6. i have my own topic titled 'robert and jimmy', but i figured i should throw these in with the zep drawings, too :] hope you like!
  7. Hi Danielle! Thanks for the friend request! :D

  8. i got bored in class one day. so i decided to put my boredom to good use, and ended up with these :] thoughts?
  9. measuring a summer's day, i only find it slips away to grey; the hours, they bring me pain.

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