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  1. OK, quite old post but... this is not Page! This is Mitch Mitchell, remember this!
  2. Fool In The Rain Baby Come On Home Hey Hey, What Can I do For me, these songs have nothing common with Led Zeppelin that I love.
  3. 07.02.1975 is TV news footage, not any pro-shot at all. There is a little bit of this footage after the show, where cameraman showing public... There's really nothing more than what we have.
  4. 1. Whole Lotta Love 2. Achilles Last Stand 3. Tea For One 4. Trampled Under Foot 5. Dazed And Confused And many many more...
  5. This is really great news man...

  6. zepps_apprentice is going to get a copy of the VHS. He'll transfer it to digital, give a link to me and pop it to youtube.

  7. Actually Zepps_Apprentice is getting the film, so credit will go to Zepps_Apprentice, that is if he gets this film...

  8. Really? That's very very interesting! I can't wait to see them! Thank you very much for info ;) Cheers

  9. Hey. I saw you have posted my videos on Royal Orleans and was excited to see the Pontiac film. I am seriously getting it soon, in a week or 2.

  10. I actually know one who has... nevermind, but he's a real hoarder who's happy with it ;] That's sick IMO.
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