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  1. Are the dates correct? Thought JP changed his black dragon into a white one.
  2. I love this photo.It could not be ALS cause they played it not at the beginning of the shows of this tour. It might not even be "Sick again".Because they played this song directly after "The Song remains the same".So maybe JP had used his doubleneck as he did in Knebworth.
  3. What a hard question to answere."Levee" is real great coz it sets a diffrence to the material before but I vote for "I m gonna crawl". I don´t like the album very much but this song shows old and eternal power.A bright light at the end of a mean album.
  4. In 1980 Ted Nugent told me he only liked the "old" Zeppelin records.
  5. Alot of people consider Scott Columbus of "Manowar" being the best heavy drummer of our days. He told me that Led Zep 1 and especially (my favorite) "How many more times" were the most important influence for him when he started.
  6. Led Zepplin was a vanguard for music .But for my taste they should have published much more in the past . I agree with the thoughts of Jimmy against this. But this is a strong medium of our days and gives a good chance to the kids to get in contact with the music of Zep. Also-(after his highprice output of his book)- the idear of making immense money may change the thinking of JP.
  7. What a strange list.Bonzo no1 is fair but the rest?!? Often these votings were manipulated.And the result smells a bit like that. --I talked to an old musician who was even onstage with the Beatles and he said that there was a saying in Europe in the 60ths:You wont find alot of bass players being as good as Mccartney.But also you would not find alot of drummers being as bad as Ringo.--I like him playing the Beatles songs but this was supposed to be a voting for drummers.The Police in opposit to Carl Palmer and Alan White??.
  8. Right ! Even John used only one timpani during the tour 1980.But I think that this did not work perfectly.Apart from everything else LZ is not real punk. So Jimmy has left highlights (drumsolo) and alot of glamour (dragon clothes) but did not get the reaction he wanted (I saw 3 concerts of the tour). I doubt that he would not have changed that again if they would have toured the US lateron.So he used the Nazi clothes during the first gigs of the 1977 tour. Probably to provoke.Than he changed his clothes very soon....
  9. I know they could not play everything but there as was enough time for "Battle of evermore" and "Going to California."Any idear?
  10. When reading about the new "Walk of fame" in Birmingham I was astonished how many great musicians came from this area.(RP,JB;Ozzy,Ionnie;Slade...).Just wonder if you know places where you find alot of great musicians that have been grown up there.What is the diffrence to other places ?
  11. This is real fun.I wonder if there is also a main message behind the whole stories. I think I had a comic of Ozzy once. Also I still look for a good drawer for a project too.So contact me if you know any. Mine would not be a Zeppelin comic but I could imagen alot of new comics about them comming out soon with all the modern technic that could be used for it today
  12. I know a hughe fan of her who even organized a tour with her a few years ago. He was impressed by her dark power and said you can not compare her with any other woman. It was the time when JPJ was around with "Diamond".I told him about this strong woman and (after he saw a clip of them )he had to agree that she had alot of the real power of Tura.
  13. Thanks alot for the link. The material is nice but not mindblowing.When I heard about this giant lineup I expected they compose a mixture of: "Close to the edge" and "Dazed and Confused".This would have been a new masterpiece. So maybe we are lucky that they stopped this project in a short time.
  14. I know they play Zepplinmusic more often in the radios of US than anywhere else.Radio in our days is a brainwashing and commercial manipulating factory. The same story as the one being described in the "Qween-musical". Apart from diffrent other reasons music is not suitable for this.
  15. They had problems without Bonzo. If there is someone else singing ,than there would be only 2 members left. .......In the end you may end up listenning to a complete coverband... Not only that.Ok, people like to hear the old numbers but I doubt it that it was a good idear of "Qween" to gig with Rogers.I liked Paul´s voice much more than the one of Freddy but this was a big break for me..
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