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  1. Are the dates correct? Thought JP changed his black dragon into a white one.
  2. I love this photo.It could not be ALS cause they played it not at the beginning of the shows of this tour. It might not even be "Sick again".Because they played this song directly after "The Song remains the same".So maybe JP had used his doubleneck as he did in Knebworth.
  3. In 1980 Ted Nugent told me he only liked the "old" Zeppelin records.
  4. Alot of people consider Scott Columbus of "Manowar" being the best heavy drummer of our days. He told me that Led Zep 1 and especially (my favorite) "How many more times" were the most important influence for him when he started.
  5. ALS and "Tea for one" are not on the list.But this is a very hard question anywhere.
  6. I was in Berlin . I think it was a spontanious decision of Jimmy talking to Robert.But not the best one cause his guitar was out of tune and he was helpless onstage at this moment.
  7. I had a list of questions about his lyrics.But he shattered everything saying that all this is just ment as a joke. OK they had to do interviews and don ´t want to do it all the time.But what could I do in this situation ? I felt mocked.
  8. Before 1980 I only saw them at Knebworth.Unfortunally.And this gig was not a good one in many ways.
  9. I had about 15 records of Ozzy and BS but after I have made an interview with him never listened to one again.Guess why!
  10. For me they are a great band.Just one little thing.When I made an interview with Joey his voicesound turned into a silly one after I switched off the taperecording. So alot of posing that fans do not know most of the time. But I guess this is typicall for the US.They want to build a "perfect product".Led Zep was diffrent.
  11. Right! Lots of musicians work like that today.-Posting riffs in the web and strangers add other instruments to that.You can decide what you like....
  12. I thank them for supporting my life.That is the reason for me to

    keep this power without living in the past !

  13. Jimmy used the Telecaster I think he got from Jeff Beck for great numbers.If this guitar is the right one and will return into his hands we are hungry to wait for the sounds he will produce with this instrument.
  14. Why didn´t he ever released his "guitar armee mighty sound odd project" as promised in severall interviews in 1977 ? Maybe someone in here knows that.
  15. Is this a joke? Never thought he´s got one.But it is strange to hear that. Hermann a German guitar hero always says that Jimmy and John were his main influences though they are so diffrent.
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