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  1. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    and now it's selling on Amazon USED for $245.00. (I am not a Ross fan...he's a grumpasaurus)
  2. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I'm still *smitten* after ALL THESE YEARS!
  3. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    370 pages of DREAMY...but sometimes...the shots are just too sad...look how gaunt he is...and his hands are skeletal. So heartbreaking,
  4. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Ah! I love it when a new one appears! thank you so much!
  5. Sounds Like 'Crown Vic' SCORED! This will be an interesting incarnation. Plant can't handle downtime!
  6. The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely
  7. You know....I love Ross' photo's but he is the GRUMPIEST MAN ALIVE! His commentary is always so negative (except for Jimmy, he never has anything negative to say about out Fine Mr. Page.) I just imagine he is so very very unhappy.
  8. Oops...Forgot the "North" and Nope. We looked there first! (also, the shirts were limited)
  9. Just got back in town last night from Columbus, Ohio. Robert Plant and his friends (Band of Joy) were on TOP of their game. The Missippi Allstars did a 40 minute opening show that was breath taking and had us ordering an album on Amazon via my phone between their show and the Band of Joy! The Band of Joy show was about 1.5 hours long, peppered with re-worked Zeppelin tunes. They didn't play the whole Band of Joy Album (which I was a little saddened by...just a little) Buddy Miller, Darryl Scott and Patty Griffin all gave leading performances with Robert as backing vocals! Buddy Miller guitar
  10. I live about 4 hours from Montreal. But I'm not going to be in Vermont that week! (that was my first choice. But I can't shake an obligation...so Ohio it is). Also, I've been to the Montreal Jazz Fest before and it's BANANAS! BOJ is playing the last night and that is the WORST time to be there. So many people, no parking, (except outside the city to shuttle in). It's hard to enjoy yourself. Ohio will be laid back. I've heard the Palace is a wonderful venue. We are staying right across the walk in a very chic boutique hotel. A Good GIRLS NIGHT OUT! I will post out story when we return!~ IF we r
  11. CODA always bothered me due to its post-Bonham-ness. Something has always felt off about the album. As if since John didn't 'hear' it (those songs in that order), it really doesn't exist. Call me crazy. I wish I could do a "Strider" way of explaining why the album feels wrong to me. It just does.
  12. I too am waiting on JP... Would go to the end of the earth to see him! My brother caught Page/Plant while I was away in Germany at school. Ohio is the closest to Vermont that I can see BOJ...so I'm doing a fly-in, see show, sleep, fly out! Ohio holds no interest for me...except for that night, in Columbus...(I'm taking my cousin... middle-aged girls adventure! Gonna scream like school girls I imagine!) I'll go back and read your recap. Have a great evening! Jojo in VT
  13. Just curious, Deborah J, have you had a chance to see the Band of Joy tour? I am flying out to see them in Ohio in two weeks. I can't WAIT! So very excited! I know you may be the worlds biggest Percy Fan. I'd just like to know how you enjoyed the show? jojo
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