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  1. Don't trust your luggage to a bunch of apes !
  2. Redundant. Already exposed in the link I provided a couple of post's above.
  3. After watching and listening to a few of these posts, I come away a bit underwhelmed. Sure it's nice to see Jimmy performing but each of the last few appearances he's made that I've seen, musically it's just, well, not that much. I want to see him get out there a crank that mo'fo up and wail away !!!!! Someone had said it's nice to see him back in the saddle. To me he's riding side saddle or in the cart, and NOT before the horse ! Will he get out on his own, unaccompanied on guitar LEADING the way, or continue being a sideshow ? The clock is accelerating.
  4. The reasons Jonesy may have not played music off LZ I or II wouldn't even be the same reasons as ITTOD. I & II are light years better than ITTOD. When I saw JPJ, he did some bass stuff very reminicent of The Lemon Song on bass. His styling was much closer to the early Zep than the latter.
  5. ^ Done in ANY way would be awful. I could just see some flamboyent gay actor wanting to mix and match with all of Robert's blouses. Of course Robert is ALL man, but you KNOW anyone who'd play his part would be gay-er than a $3 bill. Actually most of the guys in the Musical would probably be gay. It's just the way it goes.
  6. Not if it's girl on girl !! Come on, get with it. With all the gay over exposure and acceptance nowadays that should've been your first thought.
  7. Oh and of course, laughing as you do it.
  8. If this woman blocking the way is acceptable behavior, and by that, I mean that one would just walk away and allow it, why not participate and get your items by being just as brash or more? Don't cower down, match the action or supercede. Some people don't understand reasoning, so you have to fight fire with fire and burn your opponent. PREVAIL !.
  9. Wow, just uploaded ! I wonder how long it will last? Hopefully long enough for all the Zepfreaks to see it. I see I was only no. 18 to view it. Thanks Bud
  10. I preferred this album by Darryl Hall, Not as poppy as H&O, but lots more musically adventurous. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacred_Songs
  11. Even the ones about mis-spellings ! I've always pronounced it Loosey-Anna too.
  12. Well Shiver me timbers! Jimmy played!!
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