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  1. Ah, sounds brilliant. Do you have a link? I would love to read it! Yes, actually, there is something I wrote but the story has 3 parts to it. Haha, I'll have to make up something shorter in the near future. The short stories I wrote are based upon different name characters for Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in medieval times. So if it's ever published one day, no one will know I actually had in mind Led Zeppelin. Baha ! (Except for Led Zeppelin Forums now, of course.) Thanks for posting.
  2. Just stopping by to say Hello ! And hoping all is well with ya. Talk soon. :)

  3. I have no idea how to delete/remove a post... :( Help? Thanks in advance!!

  4. If you have created your own short story of a Led Zeppelin adventure, share it with us now. P.S. I have no idea if this has been said or done already !!! My mistake if it has.
  5. I love catching up on what people have to say on the forums. Thanks for posting and sharing. It's like reading more books about Led Zeppelin. Speaking of which, I want more to read about them!!! Can never get enough of what you love. :) Comment on my profile or message me... Like hearing from you and making new friends. Peace !

  6. Sargeant Peanut Butter's Salty Hearts Club Band
  7. Riders On The Storm is the perfectttt song<3

  9. I am great! Thanks :)

    Your status is funny - why am I talking through Led Zep??? Hahaha

  10. Helllo Sir Walter, I've been snooping about on some forums today. What's up with you? Hope to hear from ya soon!

  11. JP: "[i got my first guitar] When I was 14. It was all a matter of trying to pick up tips and stuff. There weren’t many method books, really apart from jazz, which had no bearing on rock whatsoever at the time. But the first guitar was a Grazzioso, which was a copy of a Stratocaster; then I got a real Stratocaster; then those Gibson Black Beauties which stayed with me for a long time until some thieving magpie took it to his nest. That’s the guitar I did all the ’60s sessions on. I was one of the first people in England to have [a Gibson “Black Beauty” Les Paul Custom], but I didn’t know that then. I just saw it on the wall, had a go with it, and it was good. I traded a Gretsch Chet Atkins I’d had before for the Les Paul.”
  12. Robert is and always was a stubborn golden god. Finally, he's getting what he always wanted. (The leader, when everybody knows JP was the leader of LZ) By the way, great observations, Bayougal.
  13. Hmm, haven't been on in a while. Time to snoop around on the forums xD

  14. Jesus make me my dying bed.

  15. Just stopping by wishing you a good day friend!

  16. Well I surely had a blast last night. Three o'clock in the A.M. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2.. Kinda wish it never ended.

    1. Walter


      Glad you had a good time last night!


    2. Danielle Andrea

      Danielle Andrea

      Thanks Sir Walter! (;

  17. :hysterical: Three Joints (Bad-ass Marley/ Three Birds)
  18. So many secrets in this damn world... it's such a scary thought. For example, What exactly is going on @ Area 51? The End of the World? >__<

    1. nirvana


      Don't be scared D...we are all in this "story" together. Yea, the secrets are there, but it makes the journey so much more interesting! Just remember that we don't have to be frightened if we are not alone. And we are not.

    2. Danielle Andrea

      Danielle Andrea

      This is actually very true.. thanks for reminding me. Truly!

  19. HAHA! ey, how bout 'Incredibly Dumb..'
  20. How I wish, how I wish you weren't here..
  21. Jimi... since Pagey wouldn't even compete with him because of some lame excuse... "I broke me finger, oops, can't do it!" LOL.
    1. nirvana


      Hey Danielle! Everything is well thanks! Have you been to the new jimmypage.com site yet?

      It's finally up and running - although a little slow due to very high traffic. Looks pretty cool so far. Enjoy the day dear!

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